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T-bred delayed, Palomino XP2200 to come!

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
I dont know how to say this, I know its harsh for some of us overclockers to hear but any chance of the T-bred this month will be blown over!:(

Thats right, the T-bred is being pushed back to May and to fill in the gap, AMD will release a 1.8GHz XP2200 Palomino processor based on the very stable AGOIA stepping.

AMD is renewing its roadmap by removing the Barton core in place by building a strengthened Clawhammer processor which will account in the better price and performance area.

I have already seen a picture of the XP2200 Palomino in a Jap news group, appearently, they have em on the shelves in Japan! So our T-bred's soon future looks grim! It was a AGOIA stepping which is already featured on all XP2100's.

Guess were going to have to wait some more

BTW, the Duron 1400 is still going ahead for this month so something good could still come about.

hmm, well, i suppose for me it is somewhat good. all the recent upgrades i got for my system have started to run the money well dry. now i'll have a chance to refill it somewhat. with any luck, amd will use this extra time to put some finishing touches onto the first steppings
T-bred release

I'll talk to a guy who works at AMD here in Austin. He offered me an XP2000+ 2 weeks before they were released at shall I say a rock-bottom price, but by the time I had $ in hand, he'd already sold or given away the 10 he was able to get his hands on. We were hanging out in a bar and he used a brand-spanking new XP2000+ to buy a pitcher! Unfirckin-believable I thought! I just about cried when I had $50 the next week and he told me he was out and couldn't get any more for a while. Well, my tax refund is here, so I'll see if he can get a T-bred or three a week or 2 before they're released.
The T-bred cannot be far away from being released. Over here in Malaysia the price for a XP2000+ has plummetted in the past 10 days from a price in excess of US$210 to now US$150. My problem is I am currently building a new system (already purchased an ASUS A7V 333 Mobo - cue comments about how it is a bad board and that I should have bought a different one - lol!) and dont know if I should wait a bit longer. Having said that I could be waiting indefinitely as there will always be something better further down the line!:rolleyes:
Intel is releasing the 2.4 Ghz next week and AMD is still with the old and rusty palomino core. T-Bred was originally for Q1 at this pace Hammer will be released earlier.
I don't know which company is worst, Intel for its P4 wolfskinned lamb processor or AMD for keeping the customers waiting.