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T32 EOC WIR 12Jul19: Mark Your Answers Below.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
If it’s too hot to Fold and too hot to go outside, why not break your system down, clean the dust out and get it ready for fall and the winter resurgence. Plan any upgrades you may wish to do and generally just get ready for the next push. I know I am. You don’t have to spend any money on this. If you just clean out the dust to keep your system running nice and cool, that can be enough. Now I expect that everyone will actually mortgage their home or their landlord’s home, or parents’ home and buy a whole folding farm with all the 2080Ti’s that they can find but if you just clean your current rig…. meh… that’ll work too. :rofl:
(Edit: We do not condone spending more than you can afford to maintain your standing within the Folding community despite what don256us may otherwise say.)

Team Conquest/Threat List
[oldtable] None. |We have conquered |them all. |
Hardware.no |2.8 months | down from 3.3 months. |
www.banano.cc | 8.1 months | down from 8.2 months.|[/table]
It looks like all teams are leveling off. Hardware.no is settling in at a higher level than they had been and look to be ready to take their spot back. banano.cc is still bringing it. The exciting part about banano.cc is waiting to see if we can hold them off while they continue to decline. In other words, can we keep production high enough to prevent them from passing us as they decline? Can we? Stay tuned.

Active folders and ranking:
[oldtable]|Active Folders|Ranking|Ave PPD
This week | 54 | 26th | 1.23 million.
Last week | 56 |26th | 1.17 million.
2 weeks ago | 56 | 26th | 1.10 million.
3 weeks ago |56 | 27th | 1.23 million.
4 weeks ago | 57 |29th | 1.31 million.
5 weeks ago | 56 | 27th | 1.33 million.
6 weeks ago | 54 | 31st | 1.39 million.
7 weeks ago | 65 | 26th | 1.24 million.
8 weeks ago | 65 | 25th | 1.16 million.[/table]
The high heat of summer seems to have come in early and storms abound seem to be hitting various parts of the world. We are at a low point for active users however; we do seem to have at least one new person joining the fold for the first time. I always like that. Not sure who you are but “Thank You.”

Top 20 PPD:
[oldtable]1| HayesK | 15.16 million
2| WhitehawkEQ | 10.88 million
3| Macaholic | 10.66 million
4| torin3 | 4.88 million
5| JrClocker | 3.89 million
6| orion456 | 2.59 million
7| don256us | 2.00 million
8| TC | 1.96 million
9| belorsch | 1.80 million
10| squads | 1.26 million
11| aviationfrk | 1.22 million
12| ottoaxel | 1.01 million
13| JLK03F150 |
14| P4EE |
15| Lochekey |
16| DarkWarrior |
17| deeppow |
18| hshtick
19| harlam357
20| Maviryk [/table]
Mac and WH are back at it trading ppd position. Last week Mac had the #2 spot and WH has it this week. WOOT! Torin3 really put in some extra work this week going all the way from #12 to #4 in ppd. Very nice. Nobody from last week dropped off this week. There was some large movement but everyone managed to dig in and hold their ground within the top 20. You can feel good about that.

Individual Milestones:
(Note: The word “earned” acknowledges the hard work done to earn these points at all levels of production.)

[oldtable] HayesK will earn | 8 billion in 3.4 weeks. |
WhitehawkEQ will earn | 7 billion in just over 3.2 weeks! |
JrClocker will earn | 4 billion in 3.7 months. |
torin3 will earn | 4 billion in 3.9 months. |
TC just earned | 600 million. |
belorsch will earn | 300 million in 2.5 days.|[/table]
You may notice that as the milestone gets higher, the criteria for when they are mentioned changes. For those in the Billion’s, we measure in weeks. The rest are measured in days. I think that it might be nice to start mentioning those in the 10’s of billions in terms of months since it can take a year or more for those in that tier to get a mention otherwise. Any thoughts? As an addendum to see who’s reading this, I think that don256us should get a mention no matter what. Comment with the word “No” of you don’t think that’s the best idea ever.

I added a suggested race for Jr and torin if they are interested. Game on!

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):

Moving up four spots each:

Moving up three spots each:

Moving up two spots each:

Moving up one spot each:

World Top 100:
Moving up in these ranks is difficult. Great job guys.

[oldtable] Macaholic |#16|
HayesK |#29|
HayesK |#45|
WhitehawkEQ |#53|
P4EE |#63|
RoXQi3x |#65|
RamonetB |#66|
orion456 |#89| [/table]

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg: :comp:
It’s not how much you fold but if you fold.

I seem to have three tag lines running. What do you think? Keep all three? Keep one/which one? Rotate them? Add more?

Until next week…


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
If it’s too hot to Fold and too hot to go outside...

And where do you live? Grow some hair on your chest and Fold like a Floridian, and THEN you can mention yourself no matter what! :D