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T32 EOC WIR 13Dec19: gabi golan earned 1 BILLION and I use ".

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Jul 17, 2003
Last week we updated our Cisco phone system from 9 years out of date all the way up to 5 years out of date. While I was busy fielding calls from this update, it went well. So this week I hope to put out a full update.

I thought we were doing well but that we could do a little better. In the stats below, you’ll see that we are doing much better as a group. I mean… way better. Like O. M. G. we are doing better.

Team Conquest/Threat List
[oldtable] Hardware.no | 1.5 months | Way down from infinity |
LinusTechTips |1.2 years | up from 1.1 years. |
www.banano.cc |Infinity | up from 2.6 years. | [/table]
Here is the first sign that we are doing well. We are finally gaining on a team who is ahead of us. Hardware.no is only a month and a half away from losing their #4 spot to us. banano.cc has also fallen off of our threats list. The only team left to take a spot from us is Linus’ team and we have extended their advancement by another tenth of a year.

Active folders and ranking:
[oldtable]|Active Folders|Ranking|Ave PPD
This week |66 |25th | 1.70 million.
Last week | 69 | 22nd | 1.51 million.
2 weeks ago | 65 |27th | 1.43 million.
3 weeks ago |62 |27th | 1.33 million.
5 weeks ago | 60 | 27th |1.08 million.
6 weeks ago | 67 | 24th | 1.07 million.
7 weeks ago | 59 |29th | 1.28 million.
8 weeks ago | 60 | 29th | 1.33 million.
9 weeks ago | 60 | 30th | 1.10 million. [/table]
Now this table shows an area that we are falling. We went down by 3 active folders. Not sure where they went except for orion456 who announced that he had an unexpected surgery. We hope that he is well. Otherwise, lets jump into the game guys. You can’t have fun doing “it” unless you “do” “it”. I also learned how to use “quotes” so we got that goin’ for us. Sorry. “goin’” for “us”.

Top 20 PPD:
[oldtable]1| HayesK | 22.07 million.
2| Holdolin | 20.26 million.
3| WhitehawkEQ | 8.12 million.
4| Macaholic | 7.64 million.
5| P4EE | 7.22 million.
6| JrClocker | 4.87 million.
7| torin3 | 4.00 million.
8| TC | 3.50 million.
9| aviationfrk | 3.36 million.
10| orion456 | 2.92 million.
11| squads | 2.78 million.
12| don256us | 2.62 million.
13| superducky | 2.52 million.
14| DarkWarrior | 2.10 million.
15| dfonda | 2.05 million.
16| RustyFender | 1.63 million.
17| rpkole | 1.33 million.
18| belorsch | 1.23 million.
19| JLK03F150 | 1.23 million.
20| ottoaxel | 1.11 million.
21|hitman | 1.04 million.
22|Zerileous | 1.02 million.[/table]
Now this… This is what I’m talkin’ about! The top 20 are all earning 1 million ppd or better. Our top two guys are in a slug fest and earning over 20 million ppd each! The top 15 are all 2 million ppd+! I mean… Holy folding batman! This is why the top table shows an increase in average ppd with a lower number of active users. Now because of the record breaking top 20, I wanted to know how far down we went earning 1 million ppd+. The top 22! So I’m making a command decision and I’m going to list the top 20 or all of the 1 million ppd+, whichever is greater. So for the first time ever, we have a top 22 table showcasing all of you. You earned it so we publish it and celebrate it. WOOT! (ed: I refrained from using all caps so that I wouldn’t blow out all of your eye drums with literary shouting. I did, however, use a liberal amount of explanation points to show my excitement. I hope you find this to be a fair compromise.)

Note: All of the top 20 from last week stayed in the top 20. This is noteworthy because there is higher than normal competition in this area. Stay great guys.

Individual Milestones:
(Note: The word “earned” acknowledges the hard work done to earn these points at all levels of production.)

[oldtable] HayesK will earn his first ever… | 10 billion in 6.8 days!| He is joining Macaholic in the 11 digit club.
WhitehawkEQ will earn | 8 billion in 2.7 weeks.|
gabi golan earned | his first billion about two weeks ago! | WOOT!
TC will earn | 1 billion 5.3 days. |
superducky just earned | 900 million.|
Holdolin just earned | 600 million and will earn | 700 million in 4.8 hours.
belorsch just earned | 500 million. |
dfonda just earned | 500 million. |
Maviryk earned | 300 million in the last few weeks. |
hitman earned | 200 million about a week ago. |
rpkole will earn | 200 million in 1.6 days. |
RustyFender earned | his first 100 million about a week ago!| WOOT!
modd earned | 70 million about two weeks ago. |
Carthago will earn | 70 million in 4 days. |
GregB will earn | 50 million in 5.4 days. |
Axelcrusher will earn | 30 million in 3.9 days. |
moffitj just earned | 20 million. |
HankB just earned | 6 million. |
MastarPete just earned | 4 million. |
ptbutcher will earn | 2 million in 6.6 days. |
tomchandra just earned | his first million! | WOOT![/table]
Many of these were missed as we went two weeks without publishing them. Please post yours below. I did catch a few. Note that if I didn’t catch yours, it wasn’t because it was not important, it’s because I’m lazy and I only got the ones that I could see. Shed some light on your achievements.

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):

Moving up 4 spots each:
RustyFender who also broke into the top 100 for the team! WOOT!

Moving up 3 spots each:
Holdolin who is in the top 25 for the team.

Moving up 2 spots each:
Zerileous who also broke into the top 100 for the team! WOOT!

Moving up one spot each:
TC who is in the top 20 for the team.

World Top 100:
Moving up in these ranks is difficult. Great job guys.

[oldtable] Macaholic |#16|
HayesK |#31|
HayesK |#32| |
WhitehawkEQ |#44| |
P4EE |#60| |
RoXQi3x |#73|
RamonetB |#74|
orion456 |#91| | [/table]

MVP of the week!

Hodolin is new to the team but not new to the forums. He was/is very active with SETI and dominated there. Now he is flexing his chops for us. at 20 million ppd, he’s bringing some heavy power to the team. In fact, he has brought in so much power that HayesK seems to have had to beef up his farm to retain the #1 ppd slot. That’s sayin’ somethin’. Holdolin, not sure how long you’re in the fold but we appreciate everything you bring to the team. A little smack talk and a lot ‘O power.

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg: :comp:
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Until next week…
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