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T32 EOC WIR 18 Nov 16

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
This is the Thanksgiving edition for those in the US. This is a time for giving thanks, eating too much, watching football, drinking too much and fighting with family. Let the good times roll. Happy holiday to you all, be safe and keep those rigs running.

Don’t drink and drive.

Team Spotlight:
Well, it’s official for now. Barnacules Nerdgasm is producing less than we are. We fended off another mighty challenger. While it is true that they have lost users nearly as fast as they gained them, it is also true that we are out producing ourselves. Last month we produced over 1.5 billion which is our highest on record. We are the Elite Forces of [email protected]

Forum Spotlight:
Audioaficionado started a great thread about the folding power of Nvidia’s 1060. While the thread degraded into a comparison of all of the current 10 series and the Titan X P there is a lot of good information in an easy to read package here. The point is that you don’t have to spend $1,000 to be a folder on this team. You can purchase something that is more within your budget and still crank out some wicked points.


Team Conquest List:
Overclock.net 7.2 years down from 13 years
[H]ardOCP 2.8 years up from 2.6
[size=1.5](Lower is better)[/size]

Top 20 PPD:
HayesK 13.1 million Showing us why he is our #1 point earner.
RoXQi3x 6.2 million Responding to some pressure and rising to the challenge.
Macaholic 6.1 million Still a very strong showing.
WhitehawkEQ 4.6 million Living up to his promise of more points.
P4EE 4.2 million A huge jump in production.
JrClocker 4 million Titan X P power.
RamonetB 3.3 million A big jump with no public explanation.
orion456 3.2 million
Torin3 3.2 million
don256us 2.8 million

This is the first time that our top 10 has all been at or above 2 million ppd each.

gabi golan
Silver Pharaoh

Top 10 average ppd: 5.1 million up from 3.81
Top 20 average ppd (including the top 10): 2.9 million up from 2.2

Individual Milestones:
don256us just earned 700 million.
WhitehawkEQ just earned 500 million and is #315 in the world. :p
The late eQuinOx just earned 500 million. Thank you to his family for keeping his rigs running.
prime81 will earn 200 million in 5.9 days.
wjruth will earn his first 100 million in 2.9 days.
deeppow just earned 90 million.
belorsch just earned 70 million.
BigBlockk just earned 60 million.
Nihilus will earn 60 million in 6.7 days.
Ozzlo will earn 50 million in 1.2 days.
JTCOOL just earned 40 million.
JLK03F150 will earn 30 million in 2.9 days.
Cvsi3 will earn 30 million in 2 days.
modd will earn 20 million in 2.9 days.
Dark Bishop just earned 8 million.
TazExtreme3 just earned 3 million and will earn 4 million in 5.9 days.
JetEngineMech will earn 3 million in 2.4 days.

Again this week, we have lots of great movement in the lower ranks below the 1 million mark so congratulations guys.

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):
Ozzlo has been burning it up by moving up 9 spots this week.

ProteinPete moved up 4 spots.

JrClocker moved up 3 spots.
unsafesteagle moved up 3 spots.
JTCOOL moved up 3 spots.

WhitehawkEQ moved up 2 spots.
gabi golan moved up 2 spots.
wjruth moved up 2 spots.
KF6FVV moved up 2 spots and joins the top 100. WOOT!

Moving up 1 spot each:
Silver Pharaoh

World Top 100:
HayesK #9
Macaholic #24
RoXQi3x #26
P4EE #29
orion456 #33
Torin3 #62
RamonetB #74
hardass #80

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

Until next week
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:


May 13, 2006
Yay back in the top 20. Been having issues with shutdowns and I'm not home during the week to fix it


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
The 24 hour average numbers are larger than normal due to the stats server being down...when it came back up...you got a lot of points in one day!

This will "burp through" over the next day or so.


Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
The 24 hour average numbers are larger than normal due to the stats server being down...when it came back up...you got a lot of points in one day!

This will "burp through" over the next day or so.

There is no place here for you and your "Maths". :rofl:


Premium Member
Dec 6, 2010
I'm with Jr on this, I feel the average is not a good measure of how many points each member is putting out and how fast they are climbing in points.
After this burp passes, my average will be about 3.7 or 3.8. (my 4P does not always get a A7 WU)


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
The average is still a good measure...but it doesn't mean this much due to the "burp".

And...the world runs on math!


Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Ouch. This room got catty... fast.

While the numbers for your individual ppd are not true, they are not that far off for most users. Further, because the "burp" occured across the board, the metric of measurement when compared to other teams stills holds true to within the significant digits.

So for example on my first point. I generally average 2.2 - 2.3 million ppd. Right now I'm showing around 2.8 million. The assertion above is that all members in the top 10 are earning 2 million or more. Since I am #10 and my normal ave is 2.2 million, the assertion still holds true.

On my second point. We are still going to take the [H]ord in ~ 2.8 years if all other things are equal. While we are showing that we are earning more due to the "burp", so are they. When the nubers even out tomorrow or the next day, it will still be about 2.8 years. The difference in that time is probably much further down like... I don't know..... 2.793242562213145622324.... The fact is, this metric does not measure that closely so any true mathamatical difference would propbably not show at all.

The only portion of the news letter that will change in any visible way is the ppd of each user, everything else is relative to each other and therefore not affected.


Does this have any basis in fact?


Jan 28, 2009
Spring Hill, TN
I brought my system back on a few days ago. I havent folded in about a year or so. But Its up for the moment, producing a little over 1M ppd.
There will be times where its not folding, but i will try to leave it running when im not using the system.