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T32 EOC WIR 2 Jun 17

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Thinking about changing the name of the weekly newsletter. Looking for suggestions. If it's compelling enough, we'll change it. Presently it is T32 for Team 32, EOC for Extreme OverClockers, WIR for Week In Review. Maybe something like Don Is Great or DIG for short? OK maybe not that. If you have an idea, post it.

Team Spotlight:
The big news seems to be centered on our growing popularity. We have been gaining in the area of active members. We have folders like Shabs and dogerain and Frazier08 and Infosec and NikDo and….

Forum Spotlight:
Along those lines, Zylith has come back to the fold. WOOT!

Team Conquest List:
[oldtable] [H]ardOCP | 10 months| down from 1.1 years
Overclock.net| 8.9 months|down from 3.6 years
Hardware.no |3.1 months |down from 4.8 months. [/table]
(Lower is better)

It looks like Overclock.net’s big push is over and we are still riding the wave of a super computer from RamonetB so the numbers are truly in our favor.

Team Threat List:
None. There are no threats because we Rock and/or Roll! (Simpson’s reference)
(Higher is better)

Active folders and ranking:
[oldtable]Active Folders|Ranking|Ave PPD
In spite of the comment last week, our numbers are going up and up. We have some very big hitters and we have some very modest folders as well. All help and all make a difference. Your contribution to the team and to the fold are appreciated. Folders like dogerain are continuing to contribute day after day which is commendable at the least. Thank you.

Top 20 PPD:
[oldtable]1|RamonetB | 16.9 million
2| Macaholic | 11.5 million
3|HayesK | 10.7 million
4|Frazier08 | 9.1 million
5|Torin3 | 5.5 million
5|WhitehawkEQ | 5.2 million
6|RoXQi3x | 5.2 million
7|JrClocker | 3.3 million
9|P4EE | 2.9 million
10|orion456 | 2.1 million
11|don256us | 1.5 million
12|ConundrumLR| 1.3 million
13|AnubisOne | 1.0 Million
14|gabi golan
17|Silver Pharaoh
20|Soulcatcher [/table]

Top 10 averages: 7.25 million up from 6.89 million
Top 20 averages (including top 10): 4.00 million up from 3.84 million
(Higher is better)

Individual Milestones:
(Note: The word “earned” is used here because each member has worked hard for these points and the word is meant to show the hard work done to “earn” these points. Thank you to all.)
Jaymz9350 just earned 400 million.
Frazier08 just earned his first 100 million and will earn 200 million in 5.5 days!

Soulcatcher just earned 80 million.
hshtick will earn 70 million in 9.6 hours.
juane414 just earned 4 million.
Zylith just earned 3 million.
Compudoc2010 will earn 3 million in 4.8 days.

Please welcome our newest millionaire, Robert4 who will also earn 2 million in 6.3 days.

Some new names on this list. Thank you guys. If you are below the 1 million mark, keep going. We look forward to welcoming you into the millionaire club.

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):
Moving up 22 (Wait what now? - Déjà vu… is not just a club for gentlemen.) spots each:

Moving up 3 spots each:

Moving up 1 spot each:

World Top 100:
[oldtable]HayesK |#7 |
Macaholic |#18|
RoXQi3x | #19 |
RamonetB | #28 |Moving up 3 spots.|
P4EE | #34|
orion456 | #37 |
Torin3 | #53|Moving up 2 spots.|
hardass | #99|[/table]

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

As usual, any errors or omissions should be reported to WhitehawkEQ who will gladly pass them on to me.

Until next week
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:
World Top 200
WhitehawkEQ|#120|was 124
JrClocker|#151|was 156
Don256us|#165|no change
OC3d|#180|no change