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T32 EOC WIR 20 Jan 17

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Team 32 EOC WIR

Forum Spotlight:
AnubisOne started a thread that reminds us all of the attention to detail that an initial setup requires. He bought a nice new 1070 but the ppd is abysmal. Take a look, chime in and see how this thread plays out.


Team Conquest List:
[H]ardOCP 4.5 years up from 3.4 years
[size=1.5](Lower is better)[/size]

Top 20 PPD:
HayesK 10.4 million
Macaholic 6.4 million
RoXQi3x 6.0 million
WhitehawkEQ 4.3 million
JrClocker 3.2 million
RamonetB 2.8 million
P4EE 2.4 million
orion456 2.1 million
Torin3 2.1 million
StrategyFreak 1.6 million

gabi golan
King Scrud

Top 10 average: 4.13 million down from 4.6 million
Top 20 average (including top 10): 2.5 million down from 2.7 million

Individual Milestones:
aviationfrk just earned 200 million.
AnubisOne will earn his first 100 million in 6.3 days. WOOT!
Nihilus will earn 80 million in 2.4 hours.
ProteinPete just earned 70 million.
StrategyFreak just earned 60 million and will earn 70 million in 3.4 days.
JLK03F150 just earned 50 million.
CADDI DADDI just earned 50 million.
surfpunk just earned 50 million.
modd will earn 50 million in 4.6 days.
cmatties just earned his first 10 million. WOOT!
TazExtreme3 just earned 7 million and will earn 8 million in 6.7 days.
stlpcsolutions will earn 5 million in 1.1 days.
DarkDraco just earned 4 million and will earn 5 million in 3.4 days.
Matt just earned 2 million.

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):
Moving up 6 spots each:
modd for the second week in a row. WOW!

Moving up 4 spots each:

Moving up 3 spots each:

Moving up 2 spots each:

Moving up 1 spot each:

World Top 100:
Two of these guys have moved up one spot which is very difficult at this level.

HayesK #8
Macaholic #21 Moving up one spot.
RoXQi3x #23 Moving up one spot.
P4EE #27
orion456 #37
Torin3 #59
RamonetB #67
hardass #82

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

Until next week
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
I think it's the Zombie Apocalypse...which obviously started at Stanford yesterday...



Feb 3, 2005
Man, I sure wish the Curecoin team has this much friendly competition. :-/

Come join our team, you'll be in friendly competition with someone in no time :rock:. It get's quite addictive and provides great entertainment for the rest of us :popcorn:


Apr 6, 2009
New Jersey, USA
I find it funny how the curecoin forum, despite their 200m PPD, is a comparable ghost town. LOL.

The EVGA, overclock.net, and [H] forums (as well as this one) deserve an immense about of credit for being the true supporters and contributors to the folding community. The members have always been friendly and willing to help even with the easiest of problems. The forums contain an incredible amount of helpful guides, knowledge, and even software that people have voluntarily collected and created for the benefit of the community. The HFM.net program, 4P AMD overclocking BIOS, and musky's SR-2 optimization guide are all tremendous achievements that exemplify the creativity, passion, and time some members of this community have invested in the folding project. That alone is priceless - not to mention the benefits to the rest of us. For them, and all of us here, folding has never been about making money. When someone spends hours figuring out how to operate a multisocket server or devising a creative solution and then posts about it online, they are doing it out of their passion for the project but more importantly their caring for the community.

Without all of the hard work and contributions from past and present members of the community, folding as we know it today would not exist. In fact, the entire project may not even exist at all.

As someone who has benefited immensely from their work yet lacking their creativity and ability, I can only try to return the favor by passing on any knowledge I collect and by contributing to this team in whatever small ways I can.
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