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T32 EOC WIR 24Apr20: Short but happy or Going long not strong.

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OEM from dealership. 1 bolt = $8.50. The other hardware was fine. Hoping it comes in today. A project with 4 bolts, a 25% failure rate on removing them in one peice and 5 days so far. I only invested about 3 hours of labor. Still saving about $600 on this job alone and once this job is done, I will have saved about $900 from what the dealership wanted. Since we are in pandemic mode, I haven't needed my car so it's been perfect.

Yeah, now is a great time for projects like that. I have a ton to do to my truck, but since I have worked from home for years this didn't change much for me.

Plus, it won't stop raining on the weekends here.

My garage looks like a lumber yard from all the pending outdoor projects. Be glad to get those out of the way.
OK! I got called in to fix a phone at work. Easy repair. I used that trip to pick up my bolt from the dealership. WOOT! Went to install it and it's the wrong size. I look at the part number and... I asked for the wrong part. While I hate my dealership, it was all me on this one. I got the correct one ordered and it will be here on Friday. I may have saved $600 on this job but I just lost $8.53. Hre's the kicker too. The correct part is a dollar cheaper. :rofl: Oh well. I still have no where to go until Friday anyway so no harm no foul.
I don't remember which old thread it was but thanks for the call out a few weeks back on the million mark. It's pretty crazy I had something like 100k after a few YEARS of folding nearly a decade ago and blew by that over the course of a day. I'm going to try and stick around for the long haul again but we will see what the summer months and this rooms thermals decide to do for me. For now it has at least been a great way to help and not have to heat the whole house as much while working from home.
NP dk187. You earn it we showcase it. Thanks for your time and effort. Point inflation sure has been a thing. Back when [email protected] was looking into multi thread/ multi-cpu WUs, points got crazy high.

Here are a few pics of my stalled project.