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T32 EOC WIR 24Jun21: A day early and not complete.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Last time I sent an update saying that there would be no update.... Well, you guys let me know. ;) (I thought it was funny as hell so keep it up guys.)

I will be hauling busted concrete for the last time tomorrow and while I'd rather write the update, I'll be doing that instead. Especially since none of you all came by to help. :rofl:

We have more active folders and we are doing well.

Your mother and I are proud of you.

WhitehawkEQ is not our #1 guy but he was not long ago.

I'm not your supreme ruller but I pretend that I am.

We are averaging over 2 millioin ppd as a team.

Milestones have been reached and we are happy for you and your achievements.

Other teams are still chasing us down but we are still making them work for it and will make them "pay" if they slow down even a little.

I love you man. *Can I have a Bud Light now?*

Enjoy the summer and our new freedoms as we continue to beat the COVID. (Be smart about it.)

OK. Anything that I missed please post it below. I'm rooting for you so make me proud.

Forever yours,

PS All of the details are missing in this update. Please use your imagination and pretend that all of the tables and comparisons are there.

PPS It's probably not a good sign that I can paraphrase my weekly updates like this and that it's not much different. I feel that I need to rethink the format to bring interest back into it.
<---- Has returned for some folding, i mean why not, ETH mining profits are pure crap right now so may as well do something else useful, too bad I keep running out of GPU work units or I could be pushing a steady 2m PPD :)