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T32 EOC WIR 25 May 17 Early edition.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
This week’s edition is early due to other plans that don’t involve you. ;) As a result, there may be a milestone or two that gets missed. As always, many apologies if something you’ve earned gets missed but please do share it.

Team Spotlight:
Thanks to Macaholic, we are aware of a planned outage at Stanford July 6 &7. If you haven’t firmed up a time to take your system down and clean/upgrade/maintain, this would be a great time to do it.

Look at the link below for more detail.

Forum Spotlight:
Frazier08 gets another mention because… Oh my word…

Team Conquest List:
[oldtable]Overclock.net| 3.6 years|up from 1.4 years
[H]ardOCP | 1.1 years| down from 1.2 years
Hardware.no |4.8 months |down from 8.1 months. [/table]
(Lower is better)

Overclock.net has really hit some big numbers lately. They have added a very healthy 47 new users and as a result have really been moving. Congratulations to them.

Team Threat List:
None. There are no threats because we Rock and/or Roll! (Simpson’s reference)
(Higher is better)

Active folders and ranking:
Interestingly enough, as our production is being to slow due to summer heat, our number of users is increasing thus keeping us reasonably level in overall production.

Top 20 PPD:
[oldtable]RamonetB | 16.3 million
HayesK | 11.5 million
Macaholic | 10.49 million
RoXQi3x | 7.33 million
Frazier08 | 5.33 million
Torin3 | 5.02 million
WhitehawkEQ | 4.74 million
JrClocker | 3.73 million
P4EE | 2.37 million
orion456 | 2.13 million
ConundrumLR| 1.38 million
don256us | 1.08 million
AnubisOne | 1.04 Million
gabi golan
Nihilus [/table]

Top 10 averages: 6.89 million up from 6.37 million
Top 20 averages (including top 10): 3.84 million up from 3.61 million
(Higher is better)

Individual Milestones:
(Note: The word “earned” is used here because each member has worked hard for these points and the word is meant to show the hard work done to “earn” these points. Thank you to all.)

Frazier08 just earned 80 million and will earn 90 million in 1.9 days.
Soulcatcher will earn 80 million in 2.3 days.
cmatties just earned 70 million.
IAmMoen just earned his first 10 million!
fcomstoc just earned 7 million.
Woomack just earned 5 million and will earn 6 million in 1.4 days.
Matt761 will earn 3 million in 0 hours.
shellshock will earn 2 million in 3.2 days.

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):
Moving up 27 (Wait what now?) spots each:

Moving up 2 spots each:

Moving up 1 spot each:
RmonetB reaching the #4 spot.

World Top 100:
[oldtable]HayesK |#7 |
Macaholic |#18|
RoXQi3x | #19 |
RamonetB | #31 |Moving up 1 spot.|
P4EE | #34|
orion456 | #37 |
Torin3 | #55|Moving up 1 spot.|
hardass | #98|[/table]

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

As usual, any errors or omissions should be reported to WhitehawkEQ who will gladly pass them on to me.

Until next week
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:


Premium Member
Dec 6, 2010
World Top 200
WhitehawkEQ|#124|was 126
JrClocker|#156|was 158
Don256us|#165|was 167
OC3d|#180|was 179

Computekinc.us droped off the list. :(

And this list may change on Fri :)


Premium Member
Feb 1, 2011
I've gotten both the R9 and the 1070 up and running since yesterday. PPD is much better.