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T32 EOC WIR: 2x2billion. WOOT! WOOT! Fold on!

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
I don’t have much in the way of preamble today. Two guys just earned 2 BILLION so please try to be more like them. :rofl: Oh, and don’t forget to congratulate them on such a great milestone. Some other great milestones listed below too.

Winter cold around the Country has resulted in some deaths on the roads so please be careful. Remember, you can stay warm by firing up more folding rigs too.

Team Conquest/Threat List

PC Games Hardware3.6 weeks down from 1.9 months.
banano2.0 years down from 2.6 years.
Element AI Inc2.1 years down from previously unknown.
Heise Falter 2.7 years down from 2.8 years.
Megware2.9 years up from 1.6 years.
What we see a lot in this table is teams that are coming close to over-taking us and yet they fall short. Yes, since the pandemic, we have lost a spot or two but we have had dozens of teams chasing us down. We are strong and we are steady. Those who wish to take our spot must prove their worth on the field of… well… not battle but of science calculations.

Active folders and ranking:
Active FoldersRankingAve PPD
This week89 67th 1.89 million.
2 weeks ago89 70th 1.70 million.
3 weeks ago90 72nd 1.85 million.
5 weeks ago93 72nd 1.98 million.
6 weeks ago9671st 1.87 million.
7 weeks ago9971st 1.81 million.
9 weeks ago10868th 1.57 million.
12 weeks ago9975th 1.72 million.

[TD]Last week[/TD]
[TD] 73rd [/TD]
[TD]1.74 million.[/TD]
Hmmm…. I’m looking at you. You who is no longer here so… I’m looking to an empty space where you should be. Imagine that scene in Ferris Beuler’s Day Off.
(You can stop watching at the :45 second mark.)

We hope that you are well and will check in so that we don’t have to hear from your boyfriend’s sister’s brother’s girlfriend whose friends with some guy who knows a kid who saw you pass out at the tastee freeze or something like that.

Top 20 PPD:
1HayesK19.58 million.
2P4EE15.15 million.
3WhitehawkEQ13.09 million.
4OrbitalCat11.01 million.
5torin310.83 million.
6dfonda8.99 million.
7orion4567.90 million.
8Maviryk7.41 million.
9darkknight1874.98 million.
10superducky4.80 million.
11Mark6204.55 million.
12TC4.37 million.
13JrClocker4.26 million.
14don256us3.77 million.
15OSUmaxx3.33 million.
16harlam3573.00 million.
17zspaldin2.99 million.
18aviationfrk2.54 million.
19DarkWarrior2.44 million.
20rpkole2.19 million.
21penquininja2.16 million.
22BigBlockk2.15 million.
23ottoaxel2.14 million.
24Travis4Sutton1.99 million.
25JLK03F1501.67 million.
26deeppow1.58 million.
27DeseretFlower231.57 million.
28gulp35 1.40 million.
29bmwbaxter1.34 million.
30Lochekey1.23 million.
31IAmMoen1.20 million.
32davekusa1.13 million.
33Griff1.10 million.
We see WhitehawkEQ holding on tight as suiters come and go. “Steady” is the key to long term success but that does not take away the value of a burst of points anytime you can get them. Heck, if I had a machine to use for a day or two, I’d do it. So never miss an opportunity to put a little fear in someone because you have a burst of “POWA”!

Team Milestones.
OrbitalCat just earned 1 BILLION! WOOT! WOOT!
JLK03F150 just earned 1 BILLION! WOOT! WOOT!
BigBlockk just earned 800 million.
Mark620 just earned 700 million.
darkknight187 just earned 400 million.
DesertFlower23 just earned 400 million.
Belasco just earned his first 100 million!
U_D13_N0W just earned his first 100 million!
Raymond_Abbott just earned 80 million.
AlabamaCajun just earned 70 million.
JTCOOL just earned 70 million.
flifisher just earned his first 10 million!
ChillPhatCat just earned 4 million.
scrmncheez just earned 2 million.

Lots of ya’all earnin’ some great milestones. A hearty WOOT! WOOT! to you all.

T32 Top 100 or (Page 1): (week over week only)
Moving up 5 spots each:
penguininja @ #85

Moving up 4 spots each:
darkknight187 @ #53. This is his 2nd week in a row.

Moving up 3 spots each:
OrbitalCat @ #28

Moving up 2 spots each:
NiteSmoker @ #87

Moving up 1 spot each:
harlam357 @ #21
hshtick @ #25
ottoaxel @ #33
zspaldin @ #37
Mark620 @ #41
DesertFlower23 @ #55
Kowalski3500 @ #60
Griff @ #98

World Top 200:
Times are especially tough on these guys since Stanford started including COVID into the mix. Cheers guys.

Macaholic #50
The table above is our top 200 In The WORLD. Some are no longer active with the team or perhaps with folding at all but they still earned a great place and we honor them here. Keep working on it and you too can earn a spot in the top 200. As of this writing, I’m # 405 and moving? Well, not really. It truly is difficult to get up towards the top. We just have to keep at it.

Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg: :comp:
If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
It’s not how much you fold but if you fold.
If you fold, then you’re my friend.
Keep your stick on the ice.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
Everything is within walking distance…. if you have the time.
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Where ever we go that's where we will be.
“Make the noise!”

Please provide another cliché here.
Until next week…
My title is wrong. I don't know what's wrong with me. I had made the same mistake in the body of the newsletter too but I caught that one. It should read 2x1 Billion. 1 Billion is absolutely awesome. Congrats guys.