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T32 EOC WIR 30 Dec 16

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Team 32 EOC WIR

I’m sorry to say that I have some issues going on at home that prevented last week’s update. This week will be light but I think that I should be back on schedule starting next week. My apologies to any and all whose achievements did not get recorded last week. Please add anything that you saw happen and did not get recorded below so that we can share in your good deeds. Thank you.

Team Conquest List:
[H]ardOCP 3.4 years up from 2.8 years
[size=1.5](Lower is better)[/size]

Top 20 PPD:
HayesK 11.2 million
Macaholic 7.9 million
RoXQi3x 7.1 million
WhitehawkEQ 4.0 million
RamonetB 3.7 million
Torin3 3.1 million
JrClocker 3.1 million
P4EE 2.8 million
orion456 2.2 million
Don256us 2.2 million

gabi Golan
King Scrud

Individual Milestones:
HayesK has earned his 5 billion. This is a very big deal. Congrats. WOOT!

Macaholic earned 3 billion.
RoXQi3x earned 3 billion.

don256us will earn 800 million in 19.2 hours.
JrClocker will earn 600 million in 2.1 days.
gabi golan just earned 300 million.
SubPar1 just earned 200 million.
NiHoMike will earn 200 million in 3.5 days.
wjruth recently earned his first 100 million. WOOT!
belorsch will earn 100 million in 5.9 days.
FLYFISHER will earn 90 million in 1.9 days.
deeppow will earn 90 million in 4.5 days.
AnubisOne just earned 80 million.
Ozzlo just earned 80 million.
ottoaxel just earned 70 million.
Nihilus will earn 70 million in 4.5 days.
ProteinPete just earned 60 million.
the cultie will earn 50 million in 5.3 days.
KF6FVV just earned 40 million.
slaytalera will earn 30 million in 5.3 days.
Grub just earned 20 million.
Dark Bishop will earn his first 10 million in 1.7 days.
cmatties just earned 6 million.
fcomstoc will earn 6 million in 6.3 days.
JH just earned 4 million.
altoids1 will earn 4 million in 7 days.
twocup oreo will earn 2 million in 6.6 days.

Our newest millionaire is theshonen8899 so please congratulate him.

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):
the cultie moved up 4 spots.
JLK03F150 moved up 4 spots.

FLYFISHER moved up 2 spots.
Ozzlo moved up 2 spots.
ProteinPete moved up 2 spots.
JTCOOL moved up 2 spots.

gabi golan moved up 1 spot.
Jaymz9350 moved up 1 spot.
NiHoMike moved up 1 spot.
unsafesteagle moved up one spot.
t1nm4n moved up 1 spot.
wjruth moved up 1 spot.
belorsch moved up 1 spot.
deeppow moved up 1 spot.
AnubisOne moved up 1 spot.

World Top 100:
HayesK #8
Macaholic #22
RoXQi3x #24
P4EE #28
orion456 #35
Torin3 #59
RamonetB #67
hardass #80

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

Until next week
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:


Jan 6, 2013
Mount Dora, FL
Congrats everyone! Almost back in the fold -- I have a house...with no power, at least until next week. Of course Charter wont send out their goons until we have power.