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T32 EOC WIR 37Mar20: 1 Billion, 10 million and 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 million.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
There are some great milestones to celebrate including squads earning his first BILLION! DaPoets earning his first 10 million and a ton of guys earning their first million. A literal ton. I visited each of them, weighed them, added those weights and it equaled 1 ton even. we’re not even talkin’ about significant digits either. They weighed 1 ton.

I don’t know about you guys but times are weird. I work for a County government in a County courthouse. We support everything from vital records like birth, death and marriage (wait, I already said death) to the health department, jail, courts, Juvenile system, Parks, etc. A courthouse that is usually full of people is nearly empty. In fact, unless you are currently in jail, all cases have been put on hold. No jury duty or nothin’. In a parking lot where I usually have to fight for the crappy spots is open for the best spots no matter how late I roll in.

We’re looking for you all to stay safe, wash your hands often and keep your distance from people who do not live in your household.

Team Conquest/Threat List
[oldtable] LinusTechTips |8.8 hours | down from 1.1 months.
PCMR |4.2 months | down from 6.6 months.
PC Games Hardware |1.5 years | down from 11 years.
Team AnandTech |4.5 years | down from infinity.
Z EVENT |7.2 years | down from Infininty.[/table]
OK guys. We lose our # 5 spot today. Don’t be sad. LTT has earned it just like we did. Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unintended downside to us long term folders. With a much larger number of people joining in and helping out, there has not been enough work to go around. This is a good problem to have like too much money or too big a pen… pen. A pen that is too big. That’s what I said don’t read anything into it.

The other teams have shear numbers against us. While we are at a record breaking 216, LTT has 55.4k. If only 1% of active folders are getting work, you can quickly see why they are passing us up. You’ll see supporting evidence for this too in the tables below. We have the largest number of active folders ever but there are 78 teams with more yet we will be #6 in the world for total production. See, no shame in that. Don’t feel down about it. We are still doing very well and we can’t change the fact that this is all happening around us. We are still the little team that can. We’re still punching above our weight class. Other cliché.

Active folders and ranking:
[oldtable]|Active Folders|Ranking|Ave PPD
This week | 216|79th | 337k
Last week |166 | 52nd |425k.
2 weeks ago |86 |34th |1.42 million.
3 weeks ago |68 | 28th | 1.71 million.
4 weeks ago | 66 | 22nd | 2.06 million.
5 weeks ago | 66 | 22nd | 2.09 million.
6 weeks ago | 75 | 29th | 1.80 million.
7 weeks ago | 77 | 22nd | 1.75 million.
8 weeks ago |96 | 17th |1.45 million. [/table]
A big “Thank you” to all active folders. 216 is a big number and I am proud to print it. Great job guys. Every one of you is appreciated and we will continue to appreciate you for as long as you can stay with it.

Top 20 PPD:
[oldtable]1| HayesK | 18.67 million.
2| WhitehawkEQ | 8.23 million.
3| Holdolin | 5.40 million.
4| torin3 | 3.88 million.
5| Macaholic | 3.77 million.
6| P4EE | 3.55 million.
7| Railgun | 2.11 million.
8| dfonda | 1.88 million.
9| JrClocker | 1.71 million.
10| orion456 | 1.61 million.
11|hshtick | 1.27 million.
12| Frazier | 1.00 million.
13| TC |
14| superducky |
15| aviationfrk |
16| squads |
17| davekusa |
18| zspaldin |
19| RamonetB |
20| modd | [/table]
If you’re looking for a place to say “Ouch”, this is it. Everyone has taken a hit on ppd. For example, I fell off the top 20 altogether. I see some big names have dropped off and some old familiar names have popped up. It’s great to see some of our old-timers back. Thanks guys. Everyone just needs to keep going and we’ll get our production back up eventually if F@H can figure it out. That is, if they can do it while keeping proper social distancing, etc.

Individual Milestones:
(Note: The word “earned” acknowledges the hard work done to earn these points at all levels of production.)

[oldtable] WhiteHawkEQ will earn | 9 billion in 3.2 weeks. |
squads just earned | his first billion!| WOOT!
JLK03F150 will earn | 600 million in 2.4 hours.| The WU shortfall has not been helpful.
zspaldin just earned | 400 million. |
Outback Jon just earned | 70 million. |
Railgun just earned | 30 million and will earn | 40 million in 3.7 days.
Tom Ozahoski just earned | 30 million. |
DaPoets just earned | his first 10 million! | WOOT!
BenMoore just earned | 8 million. |
DeNitro just earned | 7 million and will earn | 8 million in 14.4 hours.
WarenB just earned | 7 million. |
custom90gt just earned | 6 million and will earn | 7 million in 2.8 days.
Ryan Richard will earn | 6 million in 2.9 days. |
ISUuNFers just earned | 4 million and will earn | 5 million in 4 days.
Wirehead just earned | 4 million and will earn | 5 million in 2.3 days.
ACE2 just earned | 4 million and will earn | 5 million in 3.3 days.
Werdna just earned | 4 million and will earn | 5 million in 1.9 days.
texasoverclockers just earned | 3 million and will earn | 4 million in 2.2 days.
gee just earned | 2 million and will earn | 3 million in 16.8 hours.
myndlessdayz just earned | 2 million and will earn | 3 million in 2.6 days.
Griff just earned | 2 million and will earn | 3 million in 3.3 days.
AnthonyLindner just earned | his first 1 million! and will earn | 2 million in 14.4 hours! WOOT!
Praxden7120 just earned | his first 1 million! and will earn | 2 million in 1.2 days! WOOT!
Belasco just earned | his first 1 million! and will earn | 2 million in 2.6 days! WOOT!
zexmarquies01 just earned | his first 1 million! and will earn | 2 million in 4 days! WOOT!
Lazer32 just earned | his first 1 million! and will earn | 2 million in 3.7 days! WOOT!
DesertFlower23 just earned | his first 1 million! and will earn | 2 million in 4.9 days! WOOT!
TwelveToneTech just earned | his first 1 million! | WOOT!
capuya just earned | his first 1 million and will earn | 2 million in 4.7 days! WOOT![/table]
There is an amazing group of folders at the 4 mill going to 5 mill. WOOT! I was going to skip this section due to time but I’m glad I didn’t. Looking great here…. or so I thought until I got to the 1 million mark! What the what?! Nioce bro master.

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):

Moving up two spots each:
RustyFender @ #94

Moving up one spot each:
hshtick @ #36
zspaldin @ #45
rpkole @ #58
modd @ #80
davekusa @ #82

World Top 100:
Moving up in these ranks is difficult. Great job guys.

[oldtable] Macaholic |#16|
HayesK |#22| |
HayesK |#34|
WhitehawkEQ |#37| |
P4EE |#57| |
RoXQi3x |#78|
RamonetB |#79|
orion456 |#88| [/table]
Guys are struggling here but still in the top 100 in the world. I will forever be proud of these guys as they continue to represent the smallest big team in the world and fight for their spot at the top. Your mother(s) and I are proud of you. (That was a “mom” joke. Sorry.)

MVP of the week!
This week we honor a group. Two groups actually. The first group is the guys who are increasing or maintaining relatively high production in this time of low availability of WUs and… The guys who have come en masse to join the cause of science. Both groups have chosen us (T32) to band together and fold proteins so that scientists can use those results to understand the nature of the world around us. I’ve gotta think that in this point in time, we are all part of the world’s largest super computer. In fact, we are such a large computing power house that much of our combined capacity is idle for the moment. That’s actually pretty cool.

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg: :comp:
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If you fold, then you’re my friend.
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Please provide another cliché here.
Until next week…
Good work everyone! I'm confident there will be a drop at some point due to energy cost/consumption.

I sold and donated some of my hardware once I got to a billion. If only energy were free...

I am eagerly waiting for the 3 series Ti cards to come out and will work towards 2 billion. :beer: For now its just a 1080 Ti and Ryzen 3800x and also working on a server with a 2080 Ti until the new gen stuff comes out.
Don - you should change the title to "Excuse me Misses, can you spare a WU"?
Added my PC and wifes PC back on folding. 3770k and gtx 460 + rig sig. Haven't gotten any CPU WU yet on either machine.
Yeah, no WU's coming my way. As no work is coming in any way I just uninstalled my old 4.4 client and installed the new one. That installation was borked anyways, had to manually start everything every reboot with admin privileges. The new client didn't get work either. Hopefully it at least starts properly.

Ha just as I closed out and looked, I HAVE A WU! Yay me!