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T32 EOC WIR 4Dec20: Thank you and some interesting stuff in the forum.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
A big “Thank you” to superducky for posting some updates for us last week. Very well done sir.

Thankfully JrClocker survived a recent hurricane. https://www.overclockers.com/forums...n-Production-for-the-Hurricane-Tropical-Storm

davekusa posted information about 2070 production. https://www.overclockers.com/forums...m/forums/showthread.php/797973-2070-super-PPD

Ben333 posted a really neato post of a Dream Machine. https://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/798012-Found-this-Folding-Farm-on-Reddit

Team Conquest/Threat List

PC Games Hardware4.3 months down from 6.4 months.
SLAC1.2 years up from 6.6 months.
UC Berkeley2.2 years down from something that was more.
Heise Falter 2.4 years down from 2.7 years.
Element AI2.5 years up from a larger number.
WhitehawkEQ has rightly pointed out that there are more than 5 teams chasing us but that said, we are looking good against some very BIG teams. Let’s maintain our “big points/Little team” standing. We would never win a war against our friends but we sure would make them hurt. Maybe we’re the team with the “little guy” syndrome or maybe we have too much pride to back down. Whatever “it” is, we’ve got it.

Active folders and ranking:
Active FoldersRankingAve PPD
This week10868th 1.57 million.
3 weeks ago9975th 1.72 million.
5 weeks ago9876th 1.48 million.
6 week10176th 1.48 million.
8 weeks ago10374th 1.59 million.
9 weeks ago10979th 1.36 million.
10 weeks ago9979th 1.34 million.
11 weeks ago9878th 1.27 million.
12 weeks ago9979th 1.26 million.
Alright alright alright. We’ve got 108 members on the field of battle. That’s a nice boost to the little team that could. Thank you guys.
Top 20 PPD:
1HayesK22.15 million.
2P4EE13.95 million.
3WhitehawkEQ12.77 million.
4torin310.72 million.
5orion4568.51 million.
6JrClocker8.01 million.
7dfonda6.42 million.
8superducky5.96 million.
Computekinc5.90 million.
10Maviryk5.65 million.
11OrbitalCat5.31 million.
12TC5.02 million.
13DarkWarrior3.73 million.
14OSUmaxx3.61 million.
15BigBlockk3.45 million.
16don256us3.17 million.
17harlam3573.00 million.
18zspaldin2.51 million.
19DesertFlower232.46 million.
20aviationfrk2.34 million.
21ottoaxel2.24 million.
22davekusa2.23 million.
23Travis4Sutton2.11 million.
24darkknight1871.87 million.
25hshtick1.68 million.
26gulp35 1.39 million.
27Wega!1.28 million.
28Pitter981.26 million.
29Lochekey1.21 million.
30AVG1.13 million.
31IAmMoen1.10 million.
32payj941.03 million.
32bmwbaxter1.02 million.
33 active folders each earning 1 million ppd +. Very nice. Feel good in your production. Let’s keep it going for as long as we are able. Remember, if you stop folding, you’re out of the will.

T32 Top 100 or (Page 1):

OrbitalCat @ #49 and making it into the top 50 on the team!

Moving up 3 spots each:
davekusa @ #47
payj94 @ #60
Pitter98 @ #81
Dark Bishop @ #98 and making it into the top 100! WOOT!

Moving up 2 spots each:
zspaldin @ #41
OrbitalCat @ #42
DesertFlower23 @ #68
IAmMoen @ #72
AVG @ # 88

Moving up 1 spot each:
BigBlockk @ #39
darkknight187 @ #79

The above movement only represents 1 week’s worth. The rest of the stats show the gap in updates.

World Top 200:
Times are especially tough on these guys since Stanford started including COVID into the mix. Cheers guys.

HayesK#35Moving up 1 spot!
Macaholic #44MAC ARE YOU OK? I’ve not quit worrying about you.
WhitehawkEQ#59Moving up 1 spot! WOOT!
P4EE#89Moving up 3 spots! 3 SPOTS!!!!!
torin3#131Moving up 2 spots. I had to double check. 2 spots up. AGAIN! AND YET AGAIN AGAIN!
JrClocker#138Moving up 4 spots. 4 spots? *Counting on fingers* Yep. 4 awesome spots!
WOW! Being out for a while really shows how these guys are fighting to regain higher spots for the team. Your individual efforts are really showing off well here. Great job guys.

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg: :comp:
If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
It’s not how much you fold but if you fold.
If you fold, then you’re my friend.
Keep your stick on the ice.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
Everything is within walking distance…. if you have the time.
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Where ever we go that's where we will be.

Please provide another cliché here.
Until next week…


Team 32 Folding Member
Jul 24, 2006
Thanks Don!

Great to see that we continue to gain [and retain!] folders no matter their contribution size. Huge ups to the top 100 folks--to be up there you've had to have been contributing at a high level for more than a decade at this point.

I know Folding, as an act, is personal for some folks because of cancer, alzheimers, diabetes, etc, whether personally or in their family and friends; but for me its just for the science and the notion of giving back.

To that end, moving into the new year, I want to float an idea/challenge to the team writ large:

Can we, collectively, raise our average PPD to 2 million a day in 2021?

We've shown we can come close! And I know GPU availability is scarce...to...nonexistent right now...but that should clear up at some point this coming year. This is mostly inspired by Dave and Hayes' posts in his thread re: 2070 prod. 2m PPD out of a single GPU!?

That's all it takes, folks, is an upgrade to a gaming machine or workstation next year (and maybe keeping the existing one going ;) ).

I will personally commit to at least an addition of a 3xxx NVIDIA to my gaming rig and hopefully swapping one of my Pascals for at least a 2xxx in the racked machine in the coming year.

Let's get planning for how we can continue to build, borg, recruit in the coming year.


Hope everyone, if you celebrate, is gearing up for the holidays and here is to one of the best folding communities out there.



Jun 9, 2010
I am waiting for 3xxx cards to become available. Then I can move my 1080 over to one of the other rigs and hoping to get to 3mil ppd between a 1080 and a 3xxx.


Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
I'm for it superducky. When one becomes availible to me, I'm commited to getting a 3080 in my main rig and moving my 1080 and 1080Ti and 980Ti to another rig to earn as many points as I can. I'm looking to up my game to 5 mil ppd over the course of 2021 personally.


What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
I'm waiting for either the RTX 3080 or the RX 6800 XT to become available. The nVidia card gets a better PPD average, but the 6800 XT will be slightly better in Fight Sim 2020 & uses less kW/day. Either will make a nice contribution to the science.

I'm currently struggling to get my PPD average back up after 5 days without internet access, followed by a power failure 24 hours after getting internet restored! Doh!


New Member
Oct 12, 2020
I'll be standing by awhile to see if a big memory version of a 3080 ti materializes, but I'll me moving a couple of those into the rig if/when they do. If it goes too long I'll probably settle for 3080's but I'd really like to gain more than a couple gigs on the memory side of things. Since they only made eight of each 3xxx series card so far (and apparently someone has ALL the 3090's in one mining rig...go ahead, prove me wrong :D) I've got awhile to watch.


Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
I forget where I read it but it looked like the 20GB 3080 will exist...anyway we are all in the same boat...I am not skilled enough be using a bot so just waiting for a 3080 to appear somewhere so I can buy it. I won't be greedy but I'll take two...


Team 32 Folding Member
Jul 24, 2006
Yeah, a friend asked me to run a bot for him but I couldn't get the one he linked to compile and its been a busy week in the Apple world as you might understand so I haven't circled back around to it.

Glad folks have big plans for next year, happy to hear anyone else's big plans for world domination Team32 production in '21!

e: JLK--you're probably closer to the Marietta Microcenter than me, if you hear they have stock let me know and I'll let you know if the Duluth store has stock, deal? :D


What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
I'm closer to Duluth than Marietta, but I'll certainly drive to either one to check in-store stock. And I'll be happy to PM you if I get lucky checking stock.
I'm curious to know if they even both with updating the website showing 3080's since they are sold in-store only.


Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
I appreciate being 36 minutes from an MC (Villanova/St Davids) that is still too far to drive to check...Or do you call and get them to hold one for you?


What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
I am 13 miles from one location and 18 miles from the other, and that equates to 30 to 120 minutes in traffic (one way) during after work traffic. Sadly, can't be there at opening time.
I guess we could try calling our stores & see what customer service has to say.


Team 32 Folding Member
Jul 24, 2006
This didn't warrant its own thread.

Is anyone else getting 464 errors (Please Wait) on collector It looks like the upload is completing but its not accepting the submission.


Oct 11, 2008
Is anyone else getting 464 errors (Please Wait) on collector It looks like the upload is completing but its not accepting the submission.

Looks like the server ran out of storage space and does does not have a collection server configured.

Link to FAH Server stats https://apps.foldingathome.org/serverstats

Snip of FAH server stats at 1032pm CST, 12-16-2020.

View attachment 212364

update, looks like the server storage issue has been fixed and a collection server configured. Hopefully your completed wu unit(s) have been able to return results.
Snip of FAH server stats at 1027 am CST, 12-17-2020.
View attachment 212365
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