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T32 EOC WIR 5Jan18: And so the New Year Begins.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
After a two-week hiatus, it is time to get back to it. Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. No doubt, you got new equipment to increase your production in the “Fold”.

Without further ado, let us see how we are doing to start off the year.

Team Conquest List:
[oldtable] Overclock.net |10.3 months |down from infinity.
[H]ardOCP |6 months | down from 10.6 months.
Hardware.no |3.5 months |down from Infinity. [/table]
(Lower is better)

Team Threat List:
[oldtable]TSC! Russia| 3.1 years| down from 1.7 years.[/table]
(Higher is better)

What a difference two weeks make. We went from getting our clocks cleaned to being the ones cleaning clocks. Wait…. what? Lets just go with that. We are now clock cleaners. WOOT!

Active folders and ranking:
[oldtable]|Active Folders|Ranking|Ave PPD
This week|86|28th|896k
3 weeks ago|80|28th|748k
4 weeks ago|85|27th|879k
5 weeks ago|85|27th|773k
6 weeks ago|92|25th|724k
7 weeks ago|83|28th|869k
8 weeks ago|81|28th|899k[/table]
We are in 28th place in total active folders but we are number four in production. We have taken back our spot for being the elite special ops team. Small team, big punch. WOOT!

Top 20 PPD:
[oldtable]1| HayesK | 12.67 million
2| RamonetB | 12.17 million
3| Macaholic | 11.86 million
4| WhitehawkEQ | 5.88 million
5| P4EE | 4.47 million
6| RoXQi3x | 4.46 million
7| Frazier08 | 3.32 million
8| JrClocker | 3.15 million
9| don256us | 2.08 million
10| superducky | 1.73 million
11|IAmMoen | 1.36 million
12|orion456 | 1.03 million
13| Jaymz9350 |
14| gabi golan |
15| Robert17
16| wjruth
17| DocLiv
18| walaka7
19| JLK03F150
20| Dark Bishop [/table]
There was a bit of movement in the top 20. Great job guys on earning your spots.

Top 10 averages: 6.18 million way up from 4.88 million
Top 20 averages (including top 10): 3.5 million way up from 2.75 million
(Higher is better)
Both the top 10 and top 20 had a huge boost. Nice job guys.

Individual Milestones:
(Note: The word “earned” is used here because each member has worked hard for these points and the word is meant to show the hard work done to “earn” these points. Thank you to all.)
There will be many missed milestones here. Please, please, PLEASE post your milestones below.

[oldtable]Macaholic just earned |7 billion.
RamonetB just earned |5 billion.
Frazier08 just earned |400 million.
prime81 just earned |200 million.
CADDI DADDI will earn |90 million in 14.4 hours.
IAmMoen just earned |80 million and will earn 90 million in |5.7 days.
JLF12345 just earned| 40 million.
juane414 just earned | 40 million.
Dark Bishop will earn | 40 million in 9.6 hours.
DarkDraco just earned | 30 million.
teocup oreo just earned | 20 million.
walaka7 will earn | 20 million in… uhh… 0 hours.
NikDo just earned | 10 million. WOOT!
Madhatter256 just earned | 9 million.
Jim0ne just earned | 2 million.[/table]

Many were missed in the last two weeks. Post below please.

Team Top 100 or (Page 1):
Moving up 4 spots each:

Moving up 2 spots each:

Moving up 1 spot each:

World Top 100:
Moving up in these ranks is difficult. Great job guys.

[oldtable]HayesK |#9 |Moving up one spot.
Macaholic |#13|
RoXQi3x |#23|Moving up one spot.
RamonetB |#26|Moving up two spots.
P4EE |#41|
orion456 |#50|
Torin3 |#65|
WhitehawkEQ |#82| [/table]
WhitehawkEQ had warned us that the world ranks were going to be taken over by one of those bitcoin folding groups and by golly, he was right. Even so, we had members move up in the world rankings so this is a really great thing.

Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and earned goals.

Please feel free to post any advances you’ve made below. Thanks guys.

Until next week
Build, Borg, Recruit. :comp:

- - - Updated - - -

Just to add insult to injury, No update next week as I will be out of town and on the road. Sorry. :chair:
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It seems that there was a power cycle at work at some point on Jan 1. Took a couple of days of production off my 1070 and triple 970 machines and I didn't notice. Should be pressing closer back towards 2M/day going into the weekend.

Fold on, and thanks as always Don.

I noticed that our team average PPD is 897,489.4. Who is going to add some capacity this year to get us to 1M/day? :p: :salute:

Im thinking im going to give equinox a little bump here in the next few days, maybe for a few days, I know how he was really into folding, and i see that
his family still has some of his equipment running. Just wanted to let you guys know, that if you see a spike in his stats, not to freak out.

Edit. What is the best settings to use for folding, back when i was doing it regularly, i would set client_type advanced, or something along those lines.
Would like to get the most out of my system while im running it.
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Edit. What is the best settings to use for folding, back when i was doing it regularly, i would set client_type advanced, or something along those lines.
Would like to get the most out of my system while im running it.


That's about it, here is a list of V7 commands
V7 options.JPG