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T32 EOC WIR 8Jan21: Now fortified with some milestones!

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
HayesK had a few days with some really massive production. His boost put us up over 2 million ppd as a team average for a few days. That said, the challenge still stands. Can we collectively boost our production to average over 2 million ppd? This challenge is for everyone and we encourage everyone to contribute any production be it above or below 2 million ppd. We want and welcome it all.

Team Conquest/Threat List

PC Games Hardware3.2 months down from 4.1 months.
society++11.2 months down from something that was more.
Element AI1.8 years same from 1.8 years.
Helmholtz1.8 years down from a larger number.
Heise Falter 3.2 years up from 2.6 years.
Slightly different group in the top 5 chasing us. Note: There are more than 5 snapping at our heals. We are holding steady and I feel that it our stability that keeps these guys from ultimately overtaking us. It is for this reason that we always encourage participation over big numbers. We *do* like big numbers but we are served well by stability. You know, the tortoise and the hare.

Active folders and ranking:
Active FoldersRankingAve PPD
This week93 72nd 1.98 million.
Last week9671st 1.87 million.
2 weeks ago9971st 1.81 million.
4 weeks ago10868th 1.57 million.
7 weeks ago9975th 1.72 million.
9 weeks ago9876th 1.48 million.
10 week10176th 1.48 million.
12 weeks ago10374th 1.59 million.
13 weeks ago10979th 1.36 million.
1.98 ave ppd. Pertty good. (That was a typo but I like it.) If you’ve got it to give, add to it.

Top 20 PPD:
1HayesK26.56 million.
2P4EE18.09 million.
3WhitehawkEQ14.75 million.
4Maviryk9.15 million.
5OrbitalCat8.49 million.
6orion4568.48 million.
7torin37.59 million.
8dfonda6.23 million.
9Computekinc6.18 million.
10TC6.09 million.
11superducky5.90 million.
12JrClocker4.78 million.
13Mark6204.60 million.
14don256us4.22 million.
15OSUmaxx3.93 million.
16BigBlockk3.59 million.
17harlam3573.40 million.
18aviationfrk3.38 million.
19DarkWarrior2.91 million.
20zspaldin2.90 million.
21darkknight1872.46 million.
22hshtick2.29 million.
23ottoaxel2.27 million.
24JLK03F1501.89 million.
25RFjackal1.86 million.
26Travis4Sutton1.61 million.
27deeppow1.50 million.
28gulp35 1.48 million.
29payj941.29 million.
30IAmMoen1.23 million.
31davekusa1.14 million.
32Wega!1.09 million.
33penguininja1.05 million.
I see a new name or two here. Making a heck of a splash too. Welcome to the 1 million + ppd club.

Team Milestones.
payj94 earned 400 million.
IAmMoen earned 300 million.
Wega! earned 90 million.
Joshua Bernstein earned 90 million.
U_D13 N0W earned 80 million.
normlikeme earned 30 million.
Madhatter256 earned 30 million.
RFjackal earned 20 million.
spastik bob69 (we see what you did there. ;) ) earned 10 million.
ChillPhatCat earned 2 million.

T32 Top 100 or (Page 1):

Moving up 2 spots each:
OrbitalCat @ #34
Mark620 @ #44
IAmMoen @ #67
darkknight187 @ #70
slorch @ #85

Moving up 1 spot each:
hshtick @ #26
OSUmaxx @ #31
payj94 @ #54
Zerileous @ #78
Gnerma @ #88

World Top 200:
Times are especially tough on these guys since Stanford started including COVID into the mix. Cheers guys.

Macaholic #48
P4EE#87Moving up 4 spots!
orion456#126Moving up one spot!
It’s really hard for these guys on these stats when some of the teams that are gaining on us consist of one user. One user who can out-produce our team can really make it difficult for individual world standing. Stay with it guys.

Build, Borg, Recruit. :borg: :comp:
If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
It’s not how much you fold but if you fold.
If you fold, then you’re my friend.
Keep your stick on the ice.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
Everything is within walking distance…. if you have the time.
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
Where ever we go that's where we will be.

Please provide another cliché here.
Until next week…
I'm not sure what the differences will be from a 2070S to a 3080 but provided UPS/USPS don't fail me I should be making the swap within the week after getting lucky with Best Buy last Tuesday.
I'm not sure what the differences will be from a 2070S to a 3080 but provided UPS/USPS don't fail me I should be making the swap within the week after getting lucky with Best Buy last Tuesday.

I suspect it will be significant. Congrats on getting your hands on one and thank you for being a part of the team.