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Taisol 76 HSF Question

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New Member
Feb 2, 2001
Its currently set to blow into the processor, which throws the hot air directly into the mobo. I have an exhaust fan in back (80mm) blowing out of the case, another 80mm up front sucking in... per AMD's recommendations.

Should I reverse my fans and have the HSF sucking air away from the fins, or leave it the way it is? I'm kicking around the idea of cutting a hole in the side of my case to hook up a 80-92mm fan to suck air in, ducting it directly over the HSF, but that still leaves me with the problem of moving the "bad air" out of the case. I may try reversing my fans and the HSF to see if I get reduced temps (currently with an ambient room temp of 25C I get 42C at idle 51C under load...)

Thanks in advance...
I have included a diagram of what I am about to describe. A lot of people have the fan blowing down onto the heatsink with a case fan very close sucking away. In my mind this seems to clash with each other and I would thing it would disturb air flow. In this situation I think the fan sucking away would be better.
try it and see what happens. You aren't going to make things drastically worse and its not a permanent thing either.
I agree with William. Experimentation is its own reward. Don't be surprised if your temps are a few degrees higher. I've tried it both ways with every HSF I own. As far as fighting one another. Unless you have the high output Delta 60mm fan, they really don't throw so much air as to compete on a serious basis. What really works well, despite the people stuck "inside the 9 dots" would have you believe, is to reverse the case fans. Have the rear one bring in cool air from the room, only to have it immediately sucked down and blown into your heatsink. Have the lower front one exhaust. This works better with high output fans on the case. The greater the thru-case flow, the less impact the warm air coming out the base of the HSF has upon surrounding components. Before I went with my "Hoot Chute" system, I modded my case for 92mm 55cfm fans instead of the 80mm 42cfm fans it had. Big improvement!