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Taisol CGK760 Let's compare Temp's :)

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Senior Member
Jan 6, 2001
I've got this HSF and I would love to have someone to compare temps with. When I run my Duron 700@[email protected] My idle temp is 43C and at full load it's 47C. Tha ambient temp is 20C. I use AS2, and I have a 92mm Fan blowing fresh air in right beside the Taisol.
They sound pretty reasonable though I would have expected it to be closer to 40oC. Maybe you put too much AS on or is the ambient temp a case air ambient or room ambient?
It's room ambient, but that's almost the same ad the case, cuz I have removed one of the side's. I actually forgot to say that I have replaced the fan, I'm using a 80mm that blows 30 CFM.
I think I will try to remove the HSF, and replace the AS2.
I have the same heatsink but am having some cooling troubles. My idle full load temperature with my 1.333GHz CPU is about 55C. I'm trying to figure out how to make it lower.

I have the 742092, which is the same thing without the copper plated bottom. On my 1gig thunderbird idle temp 28C/full load 45C using Radioshack thermal compound

BTW, it's almost impossible to use "too much" AS2 because the pressure applied by the clip will squeeze out all but a paper thin layer. So the main side effect of putting on too much compound would be a little mess
Thanks for posting TeuffelHunden, u might be right about the pressure and the AS2....

Any others who want's to share their temp's?