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Taisol CGK760092 (Copper Base) with Papst 80mm 46.5cfm, 37dBa

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Apr 8, 2001
Sweden (Gothenburg)
Taisol CGK760092 (Copper Base) with Papst 80mm 46.5cfm, 37dBa

What do you guys think of this combination. I heard the a 80mm fan is easy to install on this heatsink. Is this true. And do you think this combination might be good?

The original fan gives 21 cfm 60mm.
I think this would be a killer combination as you should get equal to if not better performance than a delta due to the dimensions of this heatsink. A word of advice, rather than let the fan overhang on 2 sides with the motor in the middle only have it overhanging 1 side so that you don't have a big dead spot, and maybe rais the fan a little like the CAK does and test the differance to see if it helps
There is a difference between modifiable and easily modified. I think that due to the fact that two sides on the Taisol are 80mm, you can devise a method of mounting an 80mm fan to it. It certainly will not be as easy as slapping on a 60mm fan, but do-able. I am fortunate (don't ask my wife) to have amassed a 25x25ft room full of raw materials over the years. I can fabricate solutions rather quickly. If your resources are more limited, not to mention your tool compliment, then it will take a little longer.

Ok. I was thinking of adding the Delta Black Label but the fan makes to much noise.
So I have now ordered the Taisol with an Ys Tech 27 CFM instead of the default 21 CFM.

Some indirect cooling with 3 fans on the sides aswell. I heard the heatsink is VERY good so it is easy to cool it with case fans also.
I used this model with an 80mm fan, and yes, is is fairly easy to modify. (though I am having some trouble with the system itself...see http://forums.overclockers.ws/forums/UltraBoard.cgi?action=Read&BID=4&TID=9679&SID=113472 and perhaps offer a suggestion?)

What makes it easy is that in addition to one side being 80mm, they use a sort of duct for 60mm fans that is 60x60mm and overhangs the 60mm side of the heatsink a cm or so. Two screws and accompanying holes in fins on each side hold the duct in place. Obviously if you plan on using a 80mm fan there is no need for a 60mm duct, so once taken off you can use those 4 holes to help mount your fan. I simply ran some wire through the holes on the fan and holes on the heatsink, and sandwiched rubber grommets in-between to cut down on vibration and therefore noise.