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Take a moment and think back.....

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Jan 5, 2001
Anyone remember 3DFX?? :) Ahhh yes the undisputed king, no one could touch the voodoo's. Then this little upstart Nvidia came along to which everyone laughed at. Now where has 3DFX gone? Well the war has moved on and NVIDIA sits upon the hill smirking at Raedon's attempt to take its "rightfull" crown, but hey does anyone remember 3DFX lol. I love the never ending battle, be it AMD vs INTELL or be it the video card wars. Competition brings lower prices and better products. In a few months the NV30 will be out and perhaps a new king of the heap will be here, perhaps a whole new company will spring out of the woodworks with something better. Who knows maybe I will even be able to afford it but in the meantime excuse me as I go to paint my son's nursery :)
i just saw RUSH in Manchester NH a couple weeks ago, great show!, almost 3 hours long!

Nvidia sucks for killing off support for 3DFX cards

S3 sucks for killing off Diamond (Diamond was great!)

3DFX sucks for killing off STB

it goes on and on..........

"Evil:eek:lution: All creatures must evolve or else something else will that will come along and eat them.

Video card companies are not immune to this law but just remember that as you get bigger from eating others so too will someone look to you and think lunch :rolleyes: