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Take a peek at my ~15k Fire Strike graphics score?

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Fred Koser

Oct 19, 2002
St Petersburg, FL
Its been a LONG time since I've run any benchmarks or fooled around with OC'ing. Recently got into Sim Racing (specifically Assetto Corsa), one thing led to another, and now I've got an Asus Strix GTX 980 to fool around with. The rig in my sig is ancient, now running an i5 2500k @ 4.4Ghz on a P67-UD4 w/ 16Gb of Corsair XMS. Haven't touched the system, just replaced my old R7770 & thought I ought to make sure things are set up & running right. . .

I can't get the results search function to show me only 1x GTX 980 results, and many of the i5 2500k results I turn up with Google & forum searches seem higher than mine, even when the other results are @ stock speeds & mine are overclocked a bit. Haven't pushed things far, not really planning to, but I'd appreciate any feedback!!!


Ooh! Finally got the search working, was able to drill down & find lots of other 2500k/980 combos clocked near mine with similar scores. Still welcoming input. ;)
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Sweet, thanks for posting! I'm pretty convinced all is well, seems like my results are really right in line with where they should be. :)