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Taking my own advise and droping case temps big time !

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May 8, 2001
Glenolden Pa
I recently told a few people what most case and mobo makers think about air flow . They like to see it drawn in the lower front and have it flow up across the cpu and then thru the power supply and out the back. I had my pc up on the bench the other day with the case open and said to my self " self , that big ( 6x6 ) reservoir is blocking your air intake " My case temps were ok mind you at 39C and the Athlon cpu is usually at 43C . I raised the reservoir with some plastic C channel that lets air flow thru and put a fan set that I had laying around under the reservoir to draw in air . They are almost in the middle of the bottom of the case and I can not hear them . They are from a cheap hard drive cooler. I drilled a few 3/4 inch holes just behind the intake area of the front panel. I also opened up the intake holes in the front panel just a bit. My case temps are now 31C . That's a big difference and I did not . ( see the pics )

thats quite a difference. It usually good to follow sound advice as your own is always the most sound. I will have to remember that little trick if I ever do watercooling.
As I was saying, I did not punch 10 blow holes in my case. I like water cooling for the silence ! I hope this makes a few of you think about getting back to basics. While I was doing this the thought of tubes thru the reservoir and having it where mine was at originally crossed my mind. ( like a transmission pan cooler ) Ohhh and for those who noticed ( good eye ) and want to know what the muck is in the tubing , it is the residue of water wetter that I have since flushed out .

good eye ! It goes to my hard drive cooler that is nothing more than my old cpu water block held down on the drive with tie straps with a little arctic silver between them of coarse ! I have the drive covered in foam and it runs cool and quiet !
this is a bad pic gut you will get the idea .

Did you notice any performance agains by water cooling you harddrive? I wouldnt think it would get hopt enough
You have to have some way of cooling your HD if your going to encase it in foam. That would be my guess as to why he is water cooling it.
I didn't notice any performance gains from the drive . I am very happy with the IBM ata 100 7200 rpm drive. I water cooled it because it was a little warm before the foam rapping . Actually, I was a little concerned about condensation and that's why I laid in the neoprene. It worked out great as far as I can tell. I have the water block above the bearing area. I don't hear the drive and there isn't a hint of vibration. ( it is sitting on a very thin piece of neoprene as well ).