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Talk about bad press...

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This is old news. Bottom line, NEZ messed up by not having written permission from his managers that he was allowed to run SETI on equipment that he did not own, that's the prime directive when it comes to DC projects - permission permission permission. But, we still aren't getting the whole story, the Higley school district is hiding something, NEZ might be right - this could be a personal vendetta against him. Still tho, he should've had written permission, even more so that its equipment that is essentially funded by taxpayer dollars. Makes one wonder why azcentral and the Higley school district keep trying to bring this story back into the forefront of the news.
Ya I figured it was old news but didn't look for another thread on it. Was just doing my daily check up on local news and saw this article and thought to post it.

I don't know the specifics of it, and like you said it's really all about getting permission. Barring permission, though, I would be very irritated with him as well.

The fact that no charges have been filed speaks volumes in my mind, however. Especially since they're alleging he stole school equipment.
Lol, I have to say, I quite like Dr. Korpela's reply to the article. But I fully agree - NEZ broke the rules, and he got punished, simple as that.

Would have been nice not to have "metonymised" NEZ = SETI so that the project gets bad press, but I guess the past is the past. What matters is how we all move on from it :) (and hopefully it happens soon >_<)
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