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Tbird 1.2ghz heatsink?

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Apr 6, 2001
Hi, Does anyone know of a heatsink thats not made out of copper and doesnt have a Delta 38cfm fan on it that could cool a 1.2ghz tbird? Would a Fop32-1 or the Vantec aluminum thin fin with a YS Tech 26cfm fan would be good? Thanks.
if you aren't overclocking the Fop 32-1 would be a good choice. The best would be a thermoengine with the 26cfm YS Tech Fan on it. You won't go too high with overclocking though. Why no copper?
I would recommend a GlobalWin WBK38, with a 80mm fan or 92mm fan. (that is, remove the stock fan, and attach the larger one). These larger fans will pump big air at decent dB's...and the pitch will be lower- less annoyance than the delta screamers
Hi William, the reason I really wouldn't prefer copper is because im not to sure about the clips. I mean like copper is heavier then aluminum and I'm not to sure how the clips would fair. I probably wouldn't think it would just fall off but im not to sure.
What do you think of the ThermoEngine V60-4225 (this one comes with a 32cfm fan). And do you think the 32cfm fan would be much louder then the YS Tech 26cfm?
i am not too sure but I am pretty sure that that hsf will do a great job. Don't know much about that fan though.
Anyone know how the ThermoEngine will perform with the 32cfm fan? And if it would be much louder then the ys tech 26cfm fan.
I dont know how the thermoengine will perform with a dfferent then stock fan but I have the V60-4210 and with my 1 ghz processor at 1366 my temps are 40c idle and 46-48 full load , this is at stock voltage though
Ok, well does anyone know where I can get a Thermoengine with a YS Tech 26cfm fan?
I have the ThermoEngine that http://www.1coolpc.com
sells. It comes with a 34cfm fan on the site he says it's loud but it doesn't seem to loud to me at all. I have had real good luck with it and with good case cooling I have achieved a satisfactory overclock under load my temps run 45C day and 42C night right now as I write this I'm at 31C you can also get the 27.5 cfm Ys-Tech at the 1coolpc.com website.