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Tbird 1.53ghz @ 1.92v running 53c under load with MC462, shd I worry?

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Dec 20, 2000
I just installed oc'ed my tbird (10 x 153) on a new mobo --Epox 8K7A. I taped a flat sensor (excess plastic at the tip was trimmed off) with the tip touching the cpu core and I am getting 53C from my Digital Doc 5. MBM shows 41C max but the in-socket thermistor is not touching the underside of the core. Room temperature is abt 29C. 53C seems much higher than the figure calculated by Radiate (42C). But my system has been running stable for the past 2 days. Right now I am using the old version of the M462 with the Delta fan running at the highest setting.

Shd I start hunting for a better hsf or upgrade to the 80cfm Delta fan (FFB0812EHE)?
you won't find a better air cooled hs. no where. there are some that may be comparable, SK6, Glaciator, Gladiator, but none better.

your fine tho. your mbm temps are consistent w/ what others are reporting.
You can get the 80cfm delta at www.sidewindercomputers.com. It also has a niose value of 55dba which is freaking nuts. As cool as that sounds and as much as i love my swiftech i think that if you gonna spend that much on a hsf you might as well get water cooling. Cuz my swiftech with the 68 cfm delta cost me $90. An extra $20 for the 80cfm delta =$110. I mean sure the swiftech looks badass as it towers over your motherboard and mounts so safely..but i can no longer stand the sound of an airport in my bedroom. I will be switching to water or something better soon.
Thanks for the replies.
Initially I thot that I did mount my MC462 properly or maybe I did not put enuf AS2, hence the 50C + readings.

Anyway, I am running Win98se but I disabled ACPI in the bios, I heard that this will affect the idle temperature as ACPI is supposed to send the halt command to the cpu. Shd I enable ACPI? Right now with ACPI off, all my PCI cards have their own irqs,
I had the same problem at first. heres what to do: Completely remove the entire heatsink including all the mounting peices. Check the bottom of the Heatsink and make sure its flat and smooth and was making good contact( youl see a print of your core on it). Put the mounting bolts on very tight and apply the heatsink on to the core with some artic silver grease making sure its sitting flat on it. Screw i down very well making sure that the the bottom washers are not moving below the motherboard. Put the fan down making sure its blowing downwards onto the heatsink( the swiftech loves this). Last make sure its on well and boot up into your bios with the case open and check your temps they should be lower.
okay, so where are those 120mm adapters for the swiftech, i am sure they would sell really really well. Even a 92 would be great!
Well. At www.sidewindercomputers.com they have 80CFM 80mm delta fans for the swiftech. Thats more than most 120mm fans and 12 cfm more than my delta fan. Its slowly convincing me to stick with fans instead of water cuz its just so dam kool. Check it out william they got a whole line of swiftech delta fans.
yes, but i couldn't stand the noise, i have the delta 60 and hate hearing it in other rooms, can't imagine having an 80cfm 80mm fan in my room! With a 120 at least it is a buttload quieter or at a much lower frequency. Well anyways, the 462 is a few months off. Money going to get a new case and modding it nicely right now.
William (Jul 04, 2001 03:47 a.m.):
okay, so where are those 120mm adapters for the swiftech, i am sure they would sell really really well. Even a 92 would be great!

Well, if your into custom modding and have the time and the desire, you could always buy some aluminum stepping from Home Depot (about $0.12-$0.36 each depending on size and thickness) and fashion an adapter/skirt for it yourself.
I made a 92mm to 80mm adapter. Nice work too. I tried it with the Sanyo Denki 92x32mm 55cfm fan on the MC-462A. Sad to say that the Delta that came with the MC-462A still ran circles around it. I was bummed after such hard work making it. I decided to move on to a 120mm to 80mm adapter, but a 120mm will not fit due to the proximity of the CPU socket to my PSU in this mid-tower. I'm not out of ideas yet...