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TBird 1Ghx AXIA/266 + Asus A7V133/Raid = SonOfA$%(#$&#)@!

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Apr 12, 2001
Dagnabbit! So I finally get my sweet new 1Ghz Tbird (and it's an AXIA!) and the ASUS A7V133/Raid mobo and get a chance to put 'em together in my 300W-supplied case yesterday.

And ^)#*)(&*@! it won't POST! Crap.

Here's the situation: I previously had an Epox 8KTA3 & AMD Tbird 850 running fine in this case, with 1x Micron 256MB DIMM.

Swapped out the mobo/chip for the new mobo/chip, and the only jumpers I fiddled with on the ASUS were:[unorder=disc]
[#]Enabled "Jumperless" mode (which is the default, come to think of it)
[#]Enabled "RAID" mode

But the blasted thing never even POSTed, nor did it give me any error beeps (btw, I had already unlocked the 1Ghz L1's w/the 0.5mm pencil trick).

Suspecting the CPU, I tried the original Tbird 850 in the mobo - same issue :(

However, I'm not entirely certain that it's definitely a problem w/the ASUS mobo, because previously I had tried the 1Ghz Axia in the Epox mobo (when it was still hooked up) and that system didn't POST either - I should have looked into it further at that point, but I was in a rush to get out of the office, and figured it was just gremlins...sigh.

Anyhoo, before I contact the vendor on Monday, I was wondering if you folks had any ideas/suggestions ... has anyone else had similar issues w/the ASUS A7V133 mobo, or any suggestions regarding it?
clear your cmos/ make sure they didn't ship it open accidently. Take out all the cards except for the video card and try it. reseat the memory. check your pencil marks and make sure the bridges aren't touching each other from stray pencil marks. If none of those help, rma the board.