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Tbird 1gig

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New Member
Dec 31, 2000
What is the default voltage for tbird 1gig??? A7V deafaults it at 1.9 which doesnt seem right. Also, did AMD stop the pencil trick think too cause my 1gig wont unmultiplier lock with pencil trick, i've tried penciling it 3 times now and no go on A7V (my old duron 600 unlocked fine with A7V) Any ideas?? This thing wont even do 110fsb at 1.9 volts, works for about 5min in 98se.
maybe the pencil marks are touching each other. or if you are changing the multiplier in the bios, try using the switches. i'm thinking in upgrading my a7v duron 700@978 to a 1 ghz chip, and i hope not to run into your problem!
you cant change settings in bios with A7V if you are o/c with multiplier. DUH
ooo.... i know you didn't just DUH me little man. the newer bios for the a7v allows for multiplier control in the bios. you can flash to the newer bios and see for yourself at asus' website.

p.s. i hope you don't get offended by the little man comment if your actually vertically challanged like myself : ).
bigbacon (Dec 31, 2000 12:25 p.m.):
I did update the bios and you CANT

umm..... are you 100% sure, because i see it and i know i have a a7v. so i guess you can't admit it when your wrong. i hate to say your wrong..... but you are : ).
Well, Well. I think I know why you can’t change the multiplier on that T-bird, have you checked if all the pins are there or if 4 of them are missing. If I am right you will never be able to use the multipliers on that chip (sorry dude but I can't help you with that) AMD locked some of the newer T-bird and Durons by removing the 4 pins on the chip that controls the multiplier adjustments, and that just sucks.