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TBRED B 2100+ in KT7A-R updates....

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Just a quick update for all interested parties.

I have discovered that 3Dmark 03 will fail unless I set the ram to 100 mhz. Not sure why I can't run it asynchronous with my cpu but I'm not too upset about it just yet.

I am going to try a new modded bios that allows host clk - pci clock so i can try running the cpu at 133 mhz and the ram at 100.
Well, my ram is running at "host + pci" quite well, and passes all the 3DMark benchmarks. However, I am beginning to detect slight graphic anomalies when playing graphic intensive games leading me to believe that either the agp timing may be just tad off sync, or my graphic card is over-heating.

Set my cpu to 2000 mhz and clocked down the Radeon 8500 to 285/295...more stable but still managed to dump me to desktop after about an hour....

Sounds like heat to me....

Can anyone comment as to why I may be getting these symptoms? I have no idea how running my cpu fsb at 100x2, my ram at 100+33 and agp 4x affect the system... :)

Strange thing is that it is stable otherwise....
cant boot kt7-a pre v1.3 and 2100+

OK, I dropped a 2100+ into my system, and it worked just fine, and is still serving me well. When I built my system 2 and 1/2 years ago, I also built a system for my mother-in-law, and purchased the mobo's at the same time. (they are probably even sequentially numbered one right after the other). So she just got a 2100+, but it will not post at all in her system. I thought it was a dead chip, so I brought it home, but it boots up just fine, and is running as we speak. The only difference between our computers right now is that she has two sticks of crucial memory, while I have one stick of crucial, and two sticks of no name stuff. Also, I have a hs/fan that is rated to the 2100+ level (globalwin wbk38) and she has some crappy ole thing that is rated at probably only 1G or so.
Do you think that the hs/fan is a problem with no post? Could the cpu get too hot even before it posts, and automatically shuts down, like a safety feature? We do have different ps, but hers is 400w, and mine is 465w, but I do believe that the 400w would be enough to boot this chip. I have tried every setting possible as far as multiplier goes, and nothing. I was so shocked to see this chip just boot right up on my system.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
My bro also has the same mobo in his old system, so if I just cant figure it out, we will try it in his system.
I am going to take my hs/fan and ps over to her house today to try that. If that doesnt work, then maybe this is a mobo that just wont run it, but that would be really strange.
OK, went back, and recognized that the existing hs/fan is plugged into the fan header on the mobo. I then realized that this use to be an issue with this board. I went and got my brothers hs/fan that came with his barton 2500+, and picked up a 3pin to 4pin connector, so that I could plug the hs/fan into the power cables instead of the mobo. This thing booted right up. Only problem is the heat now, cause it can only run at 1.73 @ 45c. I had this cpu up to 2g on my hs/fan, so I am sure a new hs/fan will be well worth the mhz increase (probably 300-400mhz).
OK, so after reading this thread for about 25 minutes, has anyone got their XP2100+ and KT7-A to run at 133MHz FSB?
Every time I try and boot with that FSB my system won't post. BIOS reset is necessary. :(
Any help to get this CPU running at 133MHz FSB would be greatly appreciated!
Please help

OK, I read through most of the thread! LONG!!

Hereis what I got, I ahve a Abit KT7A rev. 1.2 and I have a XP 2000+ CPU. I know I should flash to the A9 hacked bios frist. I don't use Raid so the high point BIos doesn't matter I guess.

But I am just getting confused about all this multiplier remapping and how I should set the system to 900(100), But that seems to be for the 2100+, what should I do with a 2000+?

Hi there, i'm new to the forum

I need a bit of advice, i own a KT7A-Raid v1.0 and i want to put on a new processor.
Unfortunately here i cannot buy an 2100+XP , there are only 2000+XP and 2200+Xp (new models i think).
I don't need to overclock, i would consider myselt lucky to put a bit of new life in my mobo (900 Mhz athlon actually)

Any idea?

Thanx for Your help :)

P.s. i could consider 2400+ or more rated processor if they are better for my purposes (a bit of speed more without loose of stability)

P.P.s. i'm able to modify cpu (in case) :cool:
I have the same revision motherboard with latest BIOS A9. 2200+ and over ones don't work on this board. I have already tried 2200+ and ýt has been unsuccessful. If you find, buy and try 2100+ T'Bred or 2000+ T'Bred. Do not prefer Palomino.