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-<[TDK 48x burner + p4 = happy ripping and burning for jeff!]>-

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Jeff Bolton

Sep 15, 2001
Middle Peninsula Virginia
i've had this burner for a while now but it has been in my old 1.2 athlon system up till now. when i built the new computer, it of course went in there. well last night i was ripping some wavs from a cd onto my hard drive at.....55x! never have i seen transfer rates that good. i'm seriously in cd-r bliss. burning cds in just about 2 minutes depending on the length (sometimes less, sometimes more). i seriously recommend this burner, its totally awesome and can be had for less than $100.

TDK owns, and i'll be getting all of my future burners from them if they continue to put out such quality products.


Johnny Knoxville

May 29, 2002
Jeff Bolton said:
you mean lite-ons are cheaper rebadged TDKs.


no actually TDK's are rebaged lite-on's. Lite-on made the hardware and TDK use that Lite-on hardware in their drives. That's what i mean by TDK's being rebaged lite-on drives.
The good thing about the TDK's is that they look cool and you can also could flash it to a Lite-on if you want to back-up games with certain protection. I'm not 100% which firmware supports has better media compatibility though.