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FEATURED Team Group Vulcan T-Force 2x8GB DDR4-3000 - TLRED416G3000HC16CDC01

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Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
I had no chance to test many Team Group memory kits as there is limited availability in my local stores but I got the latest series of this brand which is Vulcan T-Force. Tested memory kit contains two 8GB memory modules rated at DDR4-3000. Main timings are really relaxed comparing to most other gaming/enthusiasts series on the market - 16-18-18 at 1.35V.

Let's start from couple of photos and next I will move to more detailed specification.







Memory kit has one XMP profile of 3000 16-18-18 1.35V which is working without issues on Z170 and X99 motherboards from ASRock and MSI. I had no chance to test it on other brands but I assume that will work too.

Below is screenshot from stability test made in AIDA64.


AIDA64 is also showing us there are Hynix SK memory chips. Memory is single rank/single sided but we can see Hynix MFR series on the chips ( and software ). It's simply new revision which is acting a bit different than the older series. We could see that in HyperX DDR4-3333 memory kit tested not so long time ago.


Here are results at the XMP settings. You can also see IC description in Thaiphoon Burner which is showing some more details than AIDA64 regarding used memory IC.



Benching Team Leader
Jan 2, 2005
Overclocking results

3000 15-17-17 1.35V


3200 16-18-18 1.35V


3333 17-18-18 1.35V


Max OC 3600 18-19-19 1.40V - unstable


As you see it's not so easy to tighten the timings. Voltage is helping to achieve higher frequency but is not helping so much in stability at lower timings. Above results except 3600 are stable and passed some more benchmarks without errors. 3600 result is passing most benchmarks but is not passing HyperPi 32M so I guess it won't pass any other stability test.

Vulcan T-Force looks like a nice memory for less demanding users. It runs stable but has not so high overclocking potential. You see that frequency can be set higher but at the same time also timings have to be more relaxed so general performance is not raising much as we can see in Samsung based memory kits.