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Team Morpheus... Day 5

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Grandfather of Crunchers Senior
Dec 17, 2000
San Diego, CA
Team Morpheus gains 20 WUs on the current leader...

But the big news is team Jazz.... gaining almost a 100 WUs on the whole pack... well done :clap:

Stats thus far....

1. Team [Oc]acaridans | total 2118 | daily 277 | change +20 | movement = -43
2. Team Morph | total 1715 | daily 297
3. Team Hallen | total 1571| daily 276 | change +21 | movement = +94
4. Team Fishy | total 1435 | daily 306 | change -9 | movement = +3
5. Team Jazz | total 1416 | daily 404 | change -107 | movement = -48

daily = daily production
change = daily gain/loss (compared to Team Morpheus)
movement = total loss/gain (compared to Team Morpheus)

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Jun 1, 2002
How do I track the race? Last time there was a little program to do this, I don't have it any more.


Feb 12, 2001
Clinton, AR
Test comp at work has gone well, starting monday I will start loading seti/ seti hide in more.

Please keep in mind, these are all PII 266-333 units, doesn't take much to run NDS and do spreadsheets.

but everything counts


Senior whose title will pier
Mar 17, 2002
looks like I'm gonna have to come up with another 400 wu dump

Ok... I'm convinced I'm gonna run seti on all the computers that i'm building for people for christmas;) and I'm gonna start hasselin em all for money two weeks earlyer so i can get the parts 2 weeks sooner.

If all goes well by december 10th I'll have 4 1ghz durons runnin seti for 12 days