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Team Question

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Dec 18, 2001
Well, I am going to build a Dual setup for Vid. editing and Vid editing alone (well seti too:D ) and would like some input as to what you guys think that I should build.

I think that hyperthreading will get me around 20 WU a day but will that cut into my vid editing performance?? Will the XP2200's edit better but crunch less?? Oh, I don't plan on overclocking at all so you can take that out of the picture:D.

hey, any help would be appreciated:)

(just trying to finally get my shiet together:))
Heh, I'm usually an intel guy but I'm just guessing you should go with the XP's but i dunno whatelse I'll look around @ some parts and maybe find something good out there :)
I am still looking around too and it looks like I could build 2 XP's for the price of one 2.4 ghz Zeon??
1 GB of memory of your choice... 3200 ? im guessing

Adaptec 29160 64-bit/dual channel ultra160 SCSI controller
1x18gb 15,000rpm ultra SCSI for OS and and programs
2x73gb 10,000rpm ultra190 SCSI for audio/video

or if you wanna go with IDE

Promise FastTrak100 TX2 IDE RAID Controller
1x18gb 15,000rpm ultra SCSI for OS and and programs
2x200GB western digital Ultra ATA 7200rpm 8mb cache

but i dunno :) its all up to you :)
not to sure of what video card. but one forsure with atleast 128Mb of memory :) hehe
Thanks!! Can XP duals runn anything other than 2100 DDR??
i cant find anything :( haha :) i didnt even know that they were limited to 2100 i only know some stuff bout intels...they why my avatar is what it is :)
hehe, thanks!! I read somewhere that someone put in some ecc 2700 ??? but can't remember where?? Oh well, I will have to wait until morning till someone else can chime in!:)

for the money, i think you'd better off go for a Dual XP rig. (yeah, use XP chip to save even more $$)

and the 760MPX chipset could only run PC2100 or unless you o/c the FSB. 'cos it's running 1:1 FSB:memory ratio.

for video, a dualXP rig sure will beat a single higher speed P4. saw a benchmark test somewhere sometimes ago. but didn't have the link.....
If you can afford dual Xeons it will completly dominate any AMD system. How much editing are you going to be doing?

The AMD 760 dual chipset can only run PC2100 ram, you can but higher in there, but even the best o/c MB, MSI K7D can only go to 150fsb.

Have you looked into any of the single CPU hyperthreading stuff? I saw some of it the other day, looks cool. Other than that I can not say anything.
Thanks for the input!! I think I am going to go with the XP's. I will be doing a lot of editing in the firste month or so but then it will slow down to a dribble so would rather save the cash!!:)

Take out a second mortgage and go for the Xeons. Xeons will dominate video editing. The dual XP platforms seem to suffer a lot in the memory bandwidth department.
Thanks TC!! Do you know of any benchies with a xeon and AMD system?? Money isn't really a problem but I am also looking at getting a Nikon F100 camera which would be nice to put some money from this into that:)

DDR - Couldn't live without good old firewire:D

Ya, looks like I need to do some more searching:( Maybe the local library has a vid. edit. mags:)

Thanks for the info guys! Keep it coming:)
I don't do video editing myself, but every time this comes up the people that do swear by the xeons because the bus bandwidth is great for streaming data like video.