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Team Race Info -- Look Here.

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
The team race will be starting tonight at midnight. Last time many of the members felt that the race was far too short, so the captains decided to double the length this time around and race to 15,000k WUs.

And we are off.........

New totals: Sorry lost track of they days.

1. Team [Oc]acaridans w/8645
2. Team Hallen w/8019
3. Team Jazz w/7995
4. Team Morph w/7579
5. Team Fishy w/7140

Team Hallen
• Hallen
• The Four Horsemen
• Vodka314
• Jstutman
• Gravity Man
• KenCo

Team Fishy
• {PMS}fishy
• LandShark
• Llubon
• Team Roper

Team [Oc]acaridans
• [Oc]acaridans
• Jon
• Rogerdugans
• Ss69nova
• Cuper
• Papounet
• Mictlan
• Hipro5
• Kaillum
• Iparout
• Racercar12

Team Jazz
• Jazztrumpet216
• Cy
• None1
• Chad Kiser
• Go3Team
• Digital Pimp
• cmdrjay4
• Stryfe
• Bobt17
• Zangler
• SpeeDj

Team Morph
• Morpheus
• TC
• Skyhook
• JustShoot
• DeRose306
• Katelin
• Frank
• JigPu
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Senior Member
Dec 24, 2000
Milwaukee, WI
Just so you guys are aware why the teams may be so lopsided we did some heavy trading/swapping to even out production as close as we could :)

Go team Jazz!

J :cool:


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
Not very long at all. If anything is messed up PM me and Ill get it fixed ASAP.


Jun 1, 2002
Where's The Two Norsemen? I thought Greg said he was going to race.


Argh...Nevermind, I just went back to read the thread where Greg said he won't join the race.


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
I need the following people's SETI names; If anyone knows them please let me know.

I now have everyone's name execpt for one small issues with the program that I am using. The "=" is an illegal character and casues, llubon = ~~TEAM NOBULL~~ to show up incorrectly. So I pmed him and I am waiting on a response, the only option is for him to chnage his name. If his does not want to, I will distribute the files as is, and you will have to manually add his total. He started at 944 WUs.
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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
Just edited the top post to contain the starting totals as of 12am EST. They do not contain the three of the members who's names I do not have yet. This will give us an idea though of each teams standing. I have the file to track this as well and will put it up once I have everyone's information. Untill them check back for daily updates. Oh and one more thing,

[color=00ff00]The Race is On[/color]


Super Shark Moderator
Aug 13, 2001
Deep Blue Sea (Maryland)
good luck everyone!!

sorry Morphues and Hipro, i couldn't join your team or you could join mine 'cos there's no team landshark this round. been busy lately.

and sorry to all of the racer 'cos you all WILL got "shark bite"!! i promise, it'll be just a small bite!! :D :D :D

Go Go Go, Team PMS(?.........:p), oh, i mean, Team Fishy!!


Aug 12, 2002
Chicago, IL
Uh .... only racing to 15,000 units? That's all? Man, I figure digital pimp is going to increase his output so much this week, Team Jazz will be at 15,000 real quick. He needs to jack his output up, for the team and to stay ahead of me. :D

Q: What was that?
A: oh, none1

Run DP, RUN! :)