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Team32 Memorial Wall

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Team 32 Memorial Wall

We fold on for a cure.

We fold on for those who now are currently struggling with cancer, Alzheimer's, and other diseases.

We fold on for advancement of the common good.

We fold on for science.

And, most importantly:

We fold on for those we have lost.

In this thread are memorialized those who team members have known who have passed from cancer.

We fold for you.

We have fought and will keep on fighting, that someday, we will crunch cures.

My Wife.

My Uncle.
Charles Z.

My Mother.
Sarah Z.

My Father.
John Z.

My friend.
Doug F. (Smoke)

My friend.

My friend.
Laura McD.

Wifes Grandmother.
Mary V.

For the families of those friends who have lost someone.

and for my many other friends who are still fighting the fight worth fighting.

May we be successful in our Battle.
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My wife Alice(currently in remission)
My mother, Sylvia(dod 1975)
My Aunt Becky(dod 2001)
My Uncle Larry(Becky's husbund, dod 1994)
My Uncle Ben(in remission...Uncle Larry's twin)

Prayers for those of us still in good health. Prayers for anyone/everyone battling
life threatening illness'.
My wife's Aunt Dorothy.

My Great Grandfather Shed James

My Great Grandfather Herman Mattox

My Great Grandmother Opal Bennett (Nanny)

(don't laugh) My cat Tinker
Bob E. - stepfather - deceased
Phyllis E. - mother - battling
Grandma - deceased -mothers side
Grandpa - deceased - fathers side
Mother DeLia - co-workers mom - battling
Aunt DeLia - co-workers aunt - battling
Linda C. - co-workers wife - deceased
Mrs. Miller - brothers mom-in-law - deceased
Ahmah - wifes grandmother - deceased
Aunt Mary - wife's Great Aunt - battling
Mrs. Baer - friend - battling
Jake E. - friend - deceased
Vinnie M. - friend - deceased
Nichol - cousin - remission

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my dad (dod 2004)

my mother side cousin (dod 2005)

my best friend (who's recovering)

myself (smoke and of course has my dad & mom's gene)

all my family/relative ,and my friends ,and everyone I know, and also to those I don't

Hope one day we will find the cure and see no one suffer again!!!


Tim/Sjaak's mom.... link

p.s. hope I'll be adding NO MORE, PLEASE GOD!!!
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Grandfather, father's side (deceased, lung cancer after 10 years smoke-free, not sure how it happened after that long)

Grandmother, father's side (same, did not quit)

Myself and my dad (we suspect that both of us could also have "the gene", whatever it may be)

Everyone I know who smokes
My Father:
Tim B. ( 10 months from diagnosis to death)

My Stepfather:
Michael B. (6 months from diagnosis to death)
See custom Rank, courtesy of SSS!!!

My mother (lived through both, with a positive attitude in the face of the darkest prognosis, and raised me) is the strongest person I have ever met!
My Grandfather, Adam Gautreaux, liver cancer, died 1963.
My Grandfather, Thomas Moulin, stroke brought on by colon cancer, died 1978.
My Grandmother, Murtina Malbrough Gautreaux, Alzheimer's, died 1991.
My Grandmother, Myrtle Garrity Moulin, Alzheimer's, died 1989.
My Uncle, Harold Gautreaux, prostate cancer, died around 1996.
My Father-in Law, Elias Guidry, intestinal cancer, died 2003.
My Cousin, Bradley Gautreaux, lost his battle with liver cancer, May 7, 2006.
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So many family members and friends...

My Dad...James A.(died 1996 -emphysema)

My Mom...Katherine P.(died 1978 -emphysema)

My Love...Lilie R.(died 82 -kidney failure)

My Aunt...Madeline W. (died 76 -heart disease)

My Uncle...Richard W.(died 60 -testicular cancer)

My Uncle...Edward W. (died 83 -emphysema)

My Cousin...Linda W. (died 85 -heart failure)

My Friend...Bill R. (died 2001 -diabetes)

My Friend...Jimmy S.(died 2004 -heart disease)

My Friend...Vicki M. (battling breast cancer)

My Friend...Jerry P. (battling leukemia)

All these lives lost before their time was due... :cry:

Folding for them all...Folding for the Cures. :thup:
My sister, Catherine Richards Ethridge, biliary cancer
My friend, Phillip Bowman, liver cancer
My friend, Betty Jo, lung cancer