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TEC question....

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Jan 5, 2001
For an AMD 800 what is the minimum TEC wattage recommended? Danger Den sells thier copper maze water block along with a 71 watt TEC. I want to step up to a TEC driven system (my current water cooling sucks) but realize that AMD Thunderchickens run HOT when overclocked. Anyone got a link to such information? I know theres a formula out there, but can not seem to locate it........
Find out how many watts a Thunderbird pumps out at around the 1GHz mark. From what I've heard, you would then want a peltier rated at that wattage plus another half.

So, if the Thunderbord 1G puts out say 60W, you would want a 60+30 watt peltier. Sounds about right to me. I am using 60W as an example, it is just a guess.

Although, I have heard that peltiers really don't help AMD processors overclock like they do with Intel.
New heat load produced by the CPU due to increasing FSB & core voltage

Heat Load = WattSpec * (NewFSB / SpecFSB) * ((NewVoltage / SpecVoltage) ^ 2)

Thats the formula I use in me excel spreadsheet...I haven't added data for AMD chips so I can't give you any numbers

Heat Load = Heat produced by tweaking fsb & Vcore
WattSpec = Heat produced @ MFR fsb & Vcore
NewFSB = overclocked FSB
SpecFSB = Design FSB
NewVoltage = Overclock Vcore
SpecVoltage = Design Vcore