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Tell me I can do better...

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Half Asleep

New Member
Feb 5, 2001
Here is my setup:
[email protected]
128mb Crucial Cas2 2,2,2,5,7
V3 2k pci (don't ask)
X-gamer 5.1
15gig Maxtor
Asus 50x cd-rom
FOP38 with ystech fan. explained later.
Arctic Silver
SX830 case

I want 1 gig! I had a lapped Gorb to start with and was getting temps of 33-45C but was unstable at anything higher. Although I should mention I could get into win98 at 1gig np but would eventually crash.

So I went out and bought the FOP38 and there is no way in hell I am going to listen to that vacuum cleaner everytime I sit at my computer, nevermind the embarrassment I would have when buds came over. So I swapped it for a YStech fan. My temps now are 31-44C. I did lap it, and I should mention that I didn't get any feet with it so I am not sure I got a flat connection there.

I have read about the all powerful Alphas, so I am thinking of wasting a little more money if I can get a decent drop in temp. PEP66. I can fit a PEP66 in my case, is this the top performer? Would this be a worth while investment tempwise? Yes I am a fool and am willing to pay just to get to 1gig, although I won't go to a peltier or water cooling setup.

Please tell me there is hope, and thanks for your responses ahead of time.

(ps. I only have 3 fans going, 2 in the back blowing out and one in the front blowing in, I will be getting another shortly)
Good Case cooling helps temps drop a lot. What is your fan setup? The PEP66 will give you a few degrees lower. If cost is whats holding you back from watercooling, you can pick up an entire setup for I about $50 at overclock-watercool (sorry but I try to encourage watercooling =D). Good luck!
A PEP-66 with the same fan won't give you enough added cooling to make it worthwhile. The FOP-38 and PEP-66 with the same Delta noise monster are very close in performance.

I suggest going to http://www.peltec.com , assuming that the site is now up and running. If you want decent cooling for your present CPU AND reduced noise, it's gonna cost you some effort, and money. PelTEC sells a 60mm to 80mm fan adapter for Socket A mainboards. The beauty of this is that you can slightly increase the airflow through your HS PLUS get rid of the Delta 38 cfm screaming bastardo from hell. A Sunon 80mm 42.5 cfm case fan mounted where a 60mm is "supposed" to go is an excellent solution. The Sunon's aren't whisper quiet, but they are compared to the Delta 38!

Check out PelTEC. This 60-80mm adapter may only fit PEP-66's. This Alpha requires a little modification to use it mounted vertically on a Socket A mainboard. It's designed to hang on a Slocket. Although it fits a few SA/S370 mainboards in its original sideways configuration, you need it in a vertical configuration to attach the 60mm to 80mm adapter.

There's another caveat. The adapter costs only $10. But it's a pre-cut, pre-punched flat sheet of aluminum that you have to bend to fit, yourself.
It may be better to try a different CPU. The price on the P3-700 is down-- and you may be able to sell yours to a non-overclocker.

I have a six-month old P3-700 running at 1016 MHz (145 FSB) cooled with a stock, out-of-the box Golden Orb on an ABIT SE-6. Rock solid-- runs a server in a small office- 24/7. Peaks out about 37C. At home I use a PEP66/Delta to cool a P3-550 @ 733 -- it is warmer than the the newer P3-700. . .