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tell me if it's possible

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May 6, 2003
Mtl Canada
i was chearching a way to lock my PCI bus for at least 2 weeks on the web and seems that is impossible with my mobo (ASUS A7A266). Then i try to find a way to get de devider at 1/5 to overclock my fsb without having problems with my parts (specially my HDD).

Someone tell me that the Iwill board use the same chipset (AliMagik) and they got more option for overclocking.

So, i download the bios and found exactly the same chipset but with some option i don't have. The first one is the capability to get de devider 1/3 1/4 1/5 and 1/6 !!!. As you probabily see by yourself, thats meens a FSB greater than 166 (the max of my board).

Now, my question is :
1- can y took the part of the BIOS Iwill i need to make my own BIOS ?
2- it is so dangerous to go over my "normal" FSB ?

Ok, for the FSB, i can easely live with the 166 if it's too dangerous for my board but for the devider, i will love to get it !
at least, i don't need the choice to change it, just fix it at 1/5.
Iwill got the multiplier go to 15X, mine stop at 12.5. Does it possible to change it to ?

thank's for the answer