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Dec 31, 2000
Ok two quetions here:

1) I get two two vastly different cpu temp readings from the system bios and from newly installed SANDRA ... bios reads 46C ... SANDRA reads 22C (i believe the bios is more acturate) has anyone else run across this?

2) I am trying to lower my cpu temp so i can push my duron further ... has anyone seen an info on 'pitting' the heatsink so it would fit further down on the cpu? not sure here just trying to find new ways of dropping the temp.

~ Duron 700@947 ... Abit kt7 ... in a typically 'hot' case

'do or do not ... there is no try' *yoda*
Please elaborate. We can't make suggestions based on the info you've posted. What HSF, thermal paste? What case fannage? Which case?
OOOOOK - welcome to the beast!!!

It was my hope not to go into the gritty details but here goes ... hope this helps create some ideas:

~I am using an older full tower 'gateway' case (you know the type with the plastic coating all over the place)

~I have two power supplies one 300W ATX for the components ie. drives (1 floppy 2 cdroms and 4 hard drives) and motherboard .... this power supply is located near the cpu and has two 80cm fans one sucking air from the case into the power supply the other in the back set to exhaust

the second power supply is a 230W AT and runs 6 80cm fans ..... (3 intake fans at the bottom of the case .... 2 exhaust at the top and one blowing on the hard drives on a custom built rack)

~I am using arctic silver paste with a generic 'matrix' oem hs/f running at 4500 rpm (reversed to suck air across the hs and towards the intake fan on the ATX power supply)

now my question are:

1) has anyone run across the differential temperatures between SANDRA and the system bios (like 20 degrees C ... FYI in bios ambient temp is 8 degrees below cpu temp in SANDRA there is less than 2 degrees difference) and if so which is most reliable?

2) Has anyone seen anything ... or tried... on 'pitting' or drilling a depression or cup in the bottom of the heatsink so that it sits lower on the cpu?

once again thanks for any help in advance

'do or do not there is no try' *yoda*
duron 700@947mz
ok just i can reduce my moron and yank ignorance reading on the above post ... the case fans are 80mm fans not cm .....
merlins_wraith (Jan 07, 2001 08:05 p.m.):
Ok two quetions here:

2) I am trying to lower my cpu temp so i can push my duron further ... has anyone seen an info on 'pitting' the heatsink so it would fit further down on the cpu? not sure here just trying to find new ways of dropping the temp.

Do you mean like 'lapping' (sanding) it?
I did that to my celly & heatsink, I don't know anything about durons though...at least you can sand the heatsink...I'd start with around 400 or 500 grit and finish with something a bit finer...I did my heatsink & cpu with 600 and finished with 1000. (took forever with 600...might want to try a 400 and finish with 600 on the heatsink)
thanks for the info ... that is part of the process that i am going to try with my hs ... i am planning on upgrading my hs/f so i figured i could try somethings with this generic number until i completely ruined it .... what i was thinking about was taking a small flat point dremel grinding wheel and place it in a drill press and grind the bottom side of the heatsink creating a small cup in the heatsink which could sit around the die on the cpu .... it is my guess that this will expose more of the heat sink surface to the die and allow more thermal paste to come in contact with the die and allow the hs to sit closer to the entire chip .... has anyone tried anything remotely close to this .....

thanks again for the info

'do or do not ... there is no try' *yoda*
I'm not in any way trying to be sarcastic, but what would you expect to gain from this? I understand the concept but it would seem to be an incredible amount of effort as the fit would have to be almost perfect and I'd also think you'd almost need a machine shop to do it. If however you sucessfully accomplished this, again what would you expect to gain? 1 maybe 2 degrees? Would it be worth that amount of effort? I'm not the extreme OC'r tho....more the casual type. Gains of 1-2 degrees wouldn't help me what so ever.