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Temp Monitoring / Shutdown.

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Mar 22, 2002
St. Paul - Minnesota
I'm worried that if my pump dies, my CPU will fry. Is there a cheap or free program out there that will shut down your computer if the temp gets too high? I know if you purchase Motherboard monitor, it does it for you. But FREE would be nice.
Check ur BIOS, in the PC Health section or something similar, it should have an emergency shutdown setting. Im not sure if this is the case for all motherboards, but all that I have installed have that feature on them. The only downside is, ive heard stories of if the system shuts down, you have to take out the CMOS battery and unplug ur system for a while.
I use MBM5 with shutdown now, it saved my cpu, i forgot to plug in the pump durning my last cleaning and it saved it.
My danner pond master pump just gave out a week or two ago. Only had it a few months too. I woke up to silence, and it scared the bergeezers out of me. But the board bios shut it down fine (I think, it still works at least). I was using MBM to monitor my temps for a while, but it would spike and drop occasionally, shutting down when it shouldn't and giving me errors that I was running at 0C, I wish! It could have been my board giving weird signals, or it might have been MBM. There are sometimes utilities that come with boards too, you might want to check any CD's that came with it.