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Temp Readings?????

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Feb 3, 2001
Hi there.
I just built an AMD 1.2 gig system for a friend of mine, everything works great,
It has an ASUS A7V133 MOBO, 256 meg Corsair ram, G/W FOP38 HSF,
My ? is...using the ASUS monitor, It says the cpu temp is 59 degrees c, yeah I know a little on the warm side,
But using sandra sys soft, when i go into mobo info...it is reporting the CPU temp to be at 49 degrees c,
I have a feeling that the Asus montor is the correct reading, but i just want to make sure,
yeah i noticed the Asus monitor program reports temps 10C greater then what the bios reports.
Hey Dutch & gordo, try this and post your readings.
I take it you both use or at least have AsusProbe so go to the HISTORY section and start the recorder. If you have ever used this part you know that it takes some time to get some readings. After about 30 mins check the temps you get against the readings in the MONITOR section. My readings show the HISTORY section 3 degrees different. 49c in MONITOR and 46c in HISTORY.

I wonder which is closer. My bet is on the HISTORY section.

This is kinda handy for checking on the power supply too!
I have a couple of ASUS boards, and both of them give inaccurate temp readings. I've read that they are known to read as much as 10C higher than actual. My readings in Sandra are consistent with the Asus Probe readings.

As far as the temps you are getting, in my experience the temp readings on a DURON 600 at default are 39/43C with a WBK 38, overclocked to 1130MHz they are 49/52C. I used to use an FOP 32 and didn't see them over 59C @ 1130MHz. As you can see the WBK 38 currently in use is much more efficient. From what I've seen, even with your 1.2 T-BIRD, temps in the upper 50's are a bit out of line especially with the FOP 38. By the way all of my temps are as reported are by the ASUS Probe.
Well i actually got this Problem too!!

Common suggestet is, that the sensor of the asus board is in the mobo itslef so that it read the temperature of mobo+air in back of the cpu!!
well i just plugged a second sensor right beside the die and the temperatures are like this:
Asus: 57°C; 2ndSensor:45°C and mobo:33°C

I thought it will run to high because i got about 67°C at Weekend, but running stable at more as 24 Hours!!
hi there, thanks for your input, im going to try an external temp probe next to the die, and see what it says
I run Asus PC Probe(V12.12.09). The bios and the software give the same reading. I think the software is taking the data from the bios.
I downloaded Motherboard Monitor 5.05 and it gives me the same temps as my BIOS not the high temps from ASUSProbe. This a cheaper than buying another probe. :)
I used a CompuNurse probe stuck between the ceramic part of my 1.2 T-Bird and the Heatsink (not the core and heatsink!) and I found that the Mobo sensor is 9-12 deg. Celcius higher than the probe. I've talked to alot of people about this, and everyone seems to agree with this: as long as you've got watercooling or a quality HSF with good thermal compound, just take 10 off the Asus probe readings.