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Jun 22, 2001
I can't get this darn temp down! Anywhere from 53-55 idle...61+ load...and it hits 61 after just a couple mins under sandras multimedia load(it would prob go higher but i set it to 10 runs). I have 1 fan going in and 1 out plus PS. I have another that sits mid case for circulation...The case temp is from 33-35c (unless the a7a266 1005 bios reads that 10c to high also...with my luck i doubt it.) I have reapplied arctioc silver 2 3 times to make sure it was a good application! I use a Super Orb piece of crap that I guess is 2 golden orbs together(or copper orbs). I've ordered a glaciactor but with these temps already so high that will prob just make me safe @ 1.33....I'll NEVER be able to overclock...I have a darned expensive aluminum case (140$ shipped) that is kinda cramped and now seems to suck...ANY HELP would be met with SUPER appreciation and 1 happier young overclocker...thanks much in advance.
You've answered your own problem. The super orb is decidedly un-super. It sucks big time for cooling I don't care if they say it certified for up to 1.5ghz they are talking from their behinds.
The glaciactor will make big differances as it is about 3 times better at cooling than the s'orb. So if you take you ambient temp away from the cpu temp and divide this by 3 and add it bac to your ambient this is roughly what you should get (probabally higher I'm being optimistic for a change!)

I would expect the glaciator to bring cpu temps under 50oC. Also what case cooling do you have?
Thanks phil...my case cooling is decidedly inferior...you've already seen my post about the reversed fan...Ill have to work on that...I have a cheaper case I gave to my girlfriend thats a little bigger and has a front fan hole I could actually cut out w/o worrying about power/reset button...mabye ill switch to that...I've been reading about a 2cool air moving thing tooo...mabye ill check that out...I just wanna overclock darnit...I've got plent of money for it, but if I trade cases there goes my new $140 alum case (what a waste)...the moneys there to spend, but im sick of wasting it!!!

Oh yeah...I also wasted 26 bucks on the orb! HELP ME STOP WASTING MONEY!
Aluminium is easier to cut than steel (as it's softer and lighter) plus it will look cool when done

WARNING: case modding is hazardess to your financial and social life, scientific studys have proven a link between the effects of case modding and lack of money and friends.
FINALY! the alum comes in handy...pliers ripped off the holes...not super neat, but not bad. Case temps down to 26(for now) and cpu idle is 45c...better but not good. Phil your my new best friend.
For case modding I recommend getting a nibbling cutter from Radio Shack. It does a really neat and clean job and is much easier than wire-cutters or tin snips.
Well it is the end of my 1.33 proc...she is dead....I cut my new holes, I watched my temps drop, and minutes later my orb popped off its already half broken tab(I was aking for this)...cooked cpu...I went out and bought a geforce 3 to console myself...now I try again with a 1.4 gig...the glaciator is here and I've gone back to me better steel case...I am ready, sadly though the next day my computer im building for my girlfriend lost its motherboard(I think)...no video output and the vidcards fine...Ive tried 3...lot of dust buildup on it, Mabye it shorted??....It's some tough days here...ordering a new mobo tommarow...anyone know good ddr overclocker w/o waiting for it to come out...a7m266?...abit kg7???...

A sad sad boy
Unfortunately Gekko it looks like you fell victim to the cardinal sin of Overclocking. Allowing substandard equipment to protect your valuable (and hot) equipment. I really think you are better off with the aluminum case overall in the long run, they dissapate heat much quicker than steel which can trap heat inside the case and bring overall temperatures up.

As far as the other system that isn't booting, I put my money on the power supply.

fans come on...not sure about drives...Ill have to check..its all apart now...
moment of silence for the departed 1.33

i'd put my money on the PSU as well.... also, check the connection between drives/cards and mobo..... hope your luck returns... my only bad luck lately has been 3 broken ribs while mountain biking....

Well, I've tried a new psu on the mobo and no luck...and since im getting feedback on it (thanks) I should tell you a little info about it...my friend was using it before it died, and he says he started getting a lot of fatal exception errors before it went...also, when i start it up the monitor says no signal, but there is deffinatly a disturbance running up the screen...would a lot of dust kill a mobo??...it was like a very small pile of sand..Ive tried a geforce2mx, a geforce2GTS, and a Geforce 3 on it...I've actually switched all ide cables...different harddrive even...(this all happened because I hooked it up to the dead 1.33 system)...all that left is proc and mobo...my friend says he checked and the proc was running at a cool 35c before the system wouldnt boot up anymore...the fan runs, the hsf is in place...its run smooth for 6 months now...grrrrr...thanks for help...by the way I've ordered a new amd 1.4 and an abit kg7 (doesnt appear to be out yet, but the website said they had it)...its on 2 day shipping...thanks for all the help.
Hey Gekko, do you wanna sell any of your Geforce cards? I am looking for one at a fair price, so please email me.
Yeah, I could stand to go down one geforce card...the mx I have is an Inno3d Geforce2MX200...a very low end geforce with 32MB SDR RAM...I picked it up a week and a half ago from pricewatch for like 60$+shipping(I think...could have been a little more...I cant remember) Its not the oem version.
The geforce3 has found a new home with me :)

The card youd prob actually be interested in is the Siluro Geforce2 64 DDR...card kicks *** for what it is...find a review...its very overclockable, upto like 350MHZ and 410MHZ mem...putting it very near an ultra...its a couple months old and runs sweet...I'd through in theif2 and unreal tournament too...not copies, actual cd's...send me an e-mail telling me what thats worth to you...Ill give you a very good deal.