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New Member
Dec 28, 2000
i am wondering what temp you guys run at using all this watercooling stuff. I am fairly new to overclocking but from reading the site i sat down today with a Dremel, big fan, and some vent duct and ran my temp down from 115F to 60F on the CPU and 59F on the MB according to the ASUS probe on the A7v. I am running a TB 850 oc'd to 1000. I can get it to go anymore though, won't even POST. Suggestions? Is that temp Pretty good?
ewww.....another AMD guy!

Mine runs around 90 f with hs with 2 case fans.....2 vid fans (voodoo 5500) and of course the powersupply fan. Not sure any of them mean squat since I sedom have the sides on my case. However I build a water block/system and it keeps the temps down another 20 degrees or so. Cept that time I stuck the radiator in a bucket of ice water.....frost formed on my keyboard and the esc key hasn't worked since! But the temp did drop into the 30's. (32 degrees f is 0 c for you foreigners =) Still don't have the conversion down pat....but I know that one!)

Hope any of this nonsense helped ya.
Hmmm... sounds like pretty good temps you two guys have got. I run at 39C/102F under load, watercooled, with one 120mm intake and one 120mm exhausting, sucking over the radiator. I am running 1.94V, so I dunno whether that could explain my 'high' temps - either you both have damn good cooling systems or your temps are average for watercooling and mine just suck!