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May 29, 2001
Columbus, OH
check your ambient (room) temperature ... idle temp. should never exceed room temp by 15C, if it does .. you need better cooling.

53C sounds like it ... (unless you have your room at 40C :cool: )


Nov 1, 2001
I just realized that the heatsink had a restricter on it that allows you to tell the Heatsink what speed to spin at in the BIOS, Mine doesnt alow me to do that so I have taken that off, its now spinning at 5,500rpm instead of 3,500rpm. The temp is now at 42.5C at idle, do you still think that is too high?


Dec 14, 2001
You might also want to invest in a new HSF if you plan on overclocking, the AX-7 or SLK800 comes to mind. Zalman HSFs aren't really geared towards overclocking.

The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
Idle temps aren't important, what is important is the LOAD temps, you should check them out using a burn in app like Folding at home (press on the link in my sig) or Prime95, these programs will stress the CPU, and will let you know your full load temps, it is HIGHLY recommended to run under 50C, but I think that 55C full load is still pretty safe. Idle temps aren't important because the difference betwin load and idle can be 4 degrees and it can be 14 which might make ur CPU too hot.
This doesn't really seem to be a really good cooler, and you might want to consider to buy a different, and better cooler for you CPU, here's a link to reviews of many good and less good heatsinks.


Jun 22, 2002
Sterling IL
at stock speed you should be fine up to 65C (not what i would like to see but it's true), when overclocking you want the chip at least under 50C at full load. for an extreme overclock (like a few hundred Mhz) then i wouldn't go any higher then 40C.

these are pretty much opinions but most people will tell you temps in the same area +/- 5C.