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temp ?

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New Member
Jul 29, 2001
hi, i need some advice on this please.

i have a celron 800mhz that has been overclocked to 1066mhz. currently the mainboard is running at 26celsius, the CPU is at 50c, the fan is at 4500rpm and the core is running at +1.68v.

this is all at 100%cpu capacity (im running the distributed.net client). so the computer runs at this rate 24/7.

my question is r these stats ok or not.
You dont want to go over 50c under load, you want to stay below that number... try improving your cooling setup...What do you have now for cooling??
everything else seems ok, its just the cpu temp you need to worry about
Welcome to the BBS, XDACC.

50C peak temp is OK for PIIIE's/CII's. However, that's a BIG split between case and CPU temps. If the easiest way to decrease your CPU temp is to put a Delta 38 on your HS, I would do so.
cooling currnetly is what came with the box.
thanks for the advice guys. i will look into it :)
you would benefit immensly from a better heatsink and fan and trashing the stock one. You probably can go higher as well as drop your temps.