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Temperature concerns

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Mar 27, 2002
Va Beach, VA, USA
First off, lemme state that I'm new to these forums, been reading through for a couple weeks, just haven't posted yet, so I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the correct forum or not (so many to choose from!)

Here's my setup, to get that out of the way:

Athlon 1GHz 266fsb
Tyan Trinity KT-A Mobo (S2390B)
256MB PC133 SDRAM (just found out it's from Xerox, gotta do something about that..)
32MB GeForce2MX (Hercules 3D Prophet II MX)

I've been struggling with temperatures for the past month or so, originially I had idle temps in the mid to high 40's celc. and load towards 55 celc, and was completely happy with these temps (stable as a sys. could be)

Then temps started to go up, soon I was starting to see load temps closer to 60, then 61, didn't let it get any higher than 63, before I started to do some minor modifications to the insides (fan wise). Originally I had just the front intake fan, and the 2 PS fans (internal, and an external on the opposite end). I purchased a new heatsink (cheap compusa variety w/copper core, and rated to 1.7GHz), and then got a PCI slot fan. It's brought my temps back down to a range I can deal with (50-52 idle, 57-59 load, depending on room temps).

But here's where I start to wonder about the validity of my temperature sensor.

I decided to do a clean install of windows xp (professional) over the weekend, I've done so, everything's fine as it should be, but one thing. Now when I use something to monitor my temperature while in windows (MBM5 or sisoft sandra 2k2), I notice that it shows my cpu temps as mid 30's (I WISH!), but I know this can't be right, and I'm confused as hell, because at first I thought, maybe it's just the programs, or the service isn't loaded properly, so I do a reboot and go into pc health, to see that my temperatures are in the high 30's and low 40's, and climbing back up to where it should be, around 50. So basically it's like when it's in windows, my cpu temperature is held pretty low (unless I run anything cpu intensive for a bit, then the temp goes from the mid 30's, to the mid 50's), and then back down after I close out of whatever I'm running.

So I'm completely lost right now, don't have the money to get an external temp. monitoring device, or I wouldn't hesitate, but I ask, has anyone seen something like this happen, maybe have an explanation?

Thanks in advance
i dont know if any one has welcomed you to the fourms yet but here goes WELCOME TO THE FOURMS

and to anser your question when you are idle the temps on your cpu do go down, do u have a program called cpu idle? it could also be that mbm is readin the wrong sensor? and sisoftsandra is known to be inaccurate at temps. btw i would get a better cooler if u plan on OC :D
btw are u using artic silver 2 (thermal grease) or something like that? cause it works best after it settles. and your temps may go down abit once it settles.
Thanks for the welcome :)

I'm not running any cpu idle programs right now, in the past I've run Vcool, cpu idle, and I don't know what else, rain i think?

And I do have grease applied, this was done well over a week ago, so it has settled.
Just installed a brandnew heatsink about 2 weeks ago, also, while I was still using my old one, I did take it completely apart to get rid of all the dust, that didn't change the temps a bit.
erm, heh, found this thread again (I'm a lurker, might start posting more, some pretty interesting reading around here.

And the system I was mentioning before, still the same things, idle temps have got to be off while in windows, I'd say my idle temps are in the low to mid 50s according to good ol' bios, as under ANY windows environment my temps at idle are reported in the low to mid 30's which just isn't true, even after as many formats as I've been through since I started this thread. Load temps range, low to mid 60s, topping at 67 a day or 2 ago.

I have some AS3 on order, as I've always used generic thermal goo, can't wait to see what kind of difference it makes..
Look I know you are not supposed to touch anything in a running computer but try touching the heat sink with your finger. If it feels really hot then your temps are correct 50's or what ever. I had a stock heat sink that read 52 - 65 and when I touched it it was hot or at least very warm. I purchased a good heat sink and fan and now I get 30's - 45c max with hard running.

just be carefull.....
Thanks for the words of caution, but I know what I'm doing for the most part :)

But that is one thing I haven't tried yet, Just have to work my hand in there, my PSU mounts vertically, blocking the heatsink off (I'd couldn't fit 1 finger inbetween the PSU and top of fan on heatsink). In class right now, I'll check that out once I'm home tonight after work, also, AS3's gonna be delivered today for sure.
if it is really at 50 to 60s it will will hot touching yr mobo. if u dun feel anything, it should be around 20 to 30+. that should give u a rough gauge on whether yr temp senors are doing their job

I have read about some members reporting higher temps, not because their temp sensor is useless but because the temp sensor read the internal diode temp.

As long as yr amd does not hit 70 to 90 u are safe fo the time being
Yea, I'm almost positive that I'm not nearing the burn out temps, but on the other hand, there's another issue that makes me think that temperatures are higher than I would like them...

Here goes..

When I run my box with FAT32, I get no lockups, no problems, well, with the occasionally program freezes and what not, however, when I run NTFS (which is what I'm running right now, and what I'd much rather use to utilize more of my 60 prim. hdd), if I'm not using extra measures to cool the system, I get system locks, anywhere from 20 minutes into use, up to 5-10 hours, usually occurs under heavy loads (UT, copying large amounts of files, etc).

I don't get any freezes whilst running NTFS if I:

a) have the side of the case off
b) use a mini-fan that I have blowing into the side of the case (it's the PERFECT size, sit it on my dresser right next to the open case, perfect height for it, and nice output on high

That's the main thing that's confusing me on the temperatures, that and the drastic readings I receive from ANY program under Windows.
Well, AS3 was here when I got home from work, gonna compare temps with the same "environmental variables" (side of case off, extra fan blowing in)

Under load (30 minutes of unreal tournament)

Before: 59c
After: *edit* 58c

I also checked idle, 33c before, and 32c after, so far right after applying the as3, 1c drop, hopefully I'll see some more over the next several days :)

And yes I know, I'll also have to account for the burn in time ;)
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Alright, just thought I'd throw in an update.

Haven't even bothered checking temps out for a while, case side has still been left off, extra fan running. Was playing UT for about an hour earlier and noticed the load temp was much lower, decided to shut off the fan, throw the side back on, and run prime 95, like I did the first night.

First night, peaked at 65c

After a little over an hour tonight, peaked at 60c

I'm am very pleased with the temp. reductions AS3 has provided me with, and I'll never use another compound :)...until something better arises ;)