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Temperature & Cpu shims

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The Doors

Vesuvius Senior Ocer
Jan 18, 2001
Athens - Greece
I've a great difference of temperature with my C2600@747 1.75v between idle & full load (37-57!! 20 degree C).

i know :) , i have an Hsf OEM, but is bigger and have a good fan, but not fit well, coz the Cpu have a big "hill" on the center.

It's better to replace the Hsf, but untill i do, i wanna try.

Someones can help me? How much bigger must be the shims?
I don't know about the shim idea; that kind of temperature disparity sounds like poor core-to-HS contact. (people who are more knowledgeable regarding Cellies and shims, feel free to weigh in...)

Sounds like you need to try (carefully) lapping your core, and your HSF, and get a good thermal grease connection.

Start with the HSF, and if you decide to do the CPU, think level, fine, wet and slow. Use the highest grade (finest) wet/dry emery cloth you can find and wet it. Tape it to a piece of glass as a level surface - a picture frame works fine. Do the HSF on it first to break it down even more, and move it gently in very level figure-8's, checking it frequently. Stop when you get nervous. You do NOT want to see copper.

If in doubt, don't. You've got a decent oc at the moment - no need to ruin a good chip.
Dennis is absolutely right- if the die is domed it won't mate with any cooler. I would try to RMA it personally- it is out of spec if it is noticable to the naked eye! Lapping would be the next choice.

Shims aren't a good idea for air cooling on Intel chips- they typically cause an increase in temps. Water cooling is different- There was an article on the opening page about shims and air cooling not long ago.
I happened to have some of this around, being in the auto industry, but...
Go to the nearest auto body shop or supply store and get a couple sheets each of 600, and 1200 or 1500 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

I did my Gorb with 600, then 1200, the Celeron just got a light (very light) touch of the 1500 ONLY. Take it nice and easy w/ the cpu, you don't want to use a lot of pressure here. As Dennis said, NO copper.

Get a tube of Arctic Silver thermal heatsink compound. Look elsewhere in the posts here in the "Cooling" section, for a link to where it can be bought. (I've seen it selling at e-BAY off and on) Put this on in a thin, even layer.

My cpu usually idles around 28c or so, and under load rises to around 40c. I've got an Alpha PEP66T coming that might kick that last number down even lower. (Unless it helps me acheive a higher FSB.....=) )

Good luck.

Mr B
When i lap the Hsf, thu surface must result flat?
i'm asking coz the contact with the Cpu so remain still poor, and I'm only in pain thinking to lap the small black "hill" on my Cpu.
What you suggest me, must do it?

Start with Tim's idea: contact the vendor you bought the chip from, and tell them that your core is deformed to a point where you cannot get effective heat transfer to the HSF. Don't volunteer the information, but if they ask, you are running at stock speed with a stock HSF (or the one they sold you, if you got it from them).

Ask for an RMA number to exchange the chip (they're less fussy about exchanges than refunds, and I assume this is what you want, anyway). Depending on your terms of sale, this should work.

If not, we're back to the lapping thing. Let us know how all this goes, and if we need to lap or help you in any other way we will. Good luck.
I'm sorry for my english, i wanna say that on the Cpu core there's a little black plastic dome, isn't a strange deformation, i've found also the same on a PIII 800EB.

Now i go to buy the sandpaper and with GREAT SAFE start to lapping Hsf & Cpu.
I must wet the sandpaper with water, is it right?

Thank you very much for your patience :)
It seems to be a GREAT work!!! :)
The temperature now it's down of 6 degree C (35@idle & 51@full load).
I've work very softly with 2000 grain sandpaper for Cpu, and 600 & 1200 for Hsf.
Thank you very much for Dennis C, Tim and Mr B (the car tuner) :) you are a great O/C Team!