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Temperature Measuring.

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New Member
Oct 12, 2002
You guys have probably been asked this before but i need an opinion on measuring cpu temps.

Which you you trust. Im running my locked 1800+ at 1.7 Ghz (148 FSB) on my A7v333 with a volcano 9.

Asus Probe: At load (Quake 3) = 51C
Bios: After a game of Quake 3 = 58C
MBM5: At NO load = 54C

The system is running stable but which should i belive????


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
Hi, and welcome to the forums! :bday: :beer: :clap:

The Asus Probe, AFAIK is quite inaccurate, usually about 4 to 5C above actual temp I think.

As long as temps are below 60C you should be fine, but under 50C is ideal.

The only real accurate way to measure CPU temp is to use a thermal probe placed under the heatsink, just next to the die, not on top of the die.



Senior Punk
Aug 27, 2001
Dark side of hell
Your board reads the internal diode. So temps will seem higher than boards without that ability. I have heard that different bios versions will alter the reading too. First you need to run a different program to get a load temp. something that will give you a constant temp to compare the different programs. I suggest prime 95, Folding, SETI, or toast. Prime 95 will test your OC by telling you if it gives back errors. [email protected] will help cure things like alzheimers, SETI searches for signs of little green aliens. Which you choose is up to you. Another thing be careful when trying to compare temps to other users. There are so many factors that go into the temps it is almost impossible to get readings that can be compared with out a strict controlled setting. Good luck:D