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temps and voltages on kt400du

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Nov 5, 2002
does anyone else have problems using mbm5 or any other monitor other then the soyo monitor

if you have were you able to fix it and how
I am using mbm5 with no problems, just make sure to set it up correctly. The voltages act a little funny but I don't really use them or the fan speeds. The temps do work very well though.
i tried uninstalling the soyo mon. and i still have the same problem mbm will work for about the first 10 sec. then the temps will just keep climbing untill they start over again or they just go to the max a stay there any suggestions
You don't have it reading the correct diodes. There is one diode that does that. Try using different diodes, a little testing will reveal which are the correct ones. When I get home I will look at mine and post the correct ones.
well i tried all the diffrent temp sensors and 2 out of 3 workd right but the diode on die doesnt read right also my voltages are way off
Yea havin big probs with MBM5. With the cooling I have it reads it as -123C I wish. As for the hardware monitor it says 35C and my compnurse says 8.3C. So I'm alittle confused on what temps I have.
I know this is a silly suggestion, but since I don't have anything else to offer I'll go ahead and spit it out. Please no laughing or throwing eggs at my boat-

I know the cpu temp is measured at a sensor behind the cpu core, that should be touching, eh? might have to bend it up a little bit to make it touch, maybe with a dab of AC too.

OK I admit it's weak but it's all I can think of.

So how does it read voltages? where does it measure them and what are the weak links?
well for the cpu it reads from a little chip on the board under the processor not like my old abit kr7a where you could bend up the diode but it will also read right from the cores diode that is the main one i am haveing prolems with i cant get it to even read at a steady temp it will start about right then go up untill it resets and goes to like -130 somehting then keeps going around
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Soyo's hardware monitor is a CPU hog. Get rig of it. MBM works great if you set it right. Try the new beta version. It was updated for the newer boards. Also you should keep the latest BIOS upgrade for your board along with the latest drivers from VIA.
well i got the beta version and got rid of the soyo monitor but now when i start mbm it shuts my ram fan off and it stays off even when i close mbm
Well guys I just finished installing my shiny new kt400. One question though. I am running SANDRA and I'm looking at a PCI temperature reading of 54 C. Does anybody have any idea of how accurate the PCI temperature readings are. All of my other temps are nice and cool.
in my case my sandra temps for the board wernt close they would go up and keep gonig up untill it started over then all the way below 0c
To get the right temps go with the LM90-Remote sensor for on die temp, for the external die sensor go with the Sis950/ITE8705F-2 and for the case temps go with the Sis950/ITE8705F-1 for this one you might have to add 3C compensation like I did( I have a compnurse right under the board temp sensor).