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temps go up while in bios?

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Mar 4, 2001
My system usually idles around 28c, but whenever I am in the bios, the temp creeps up a degree at a time climbing steadily until I exit. Is this normal.? Is there anything I can do to get it to stabilize? also while rebooting, the temps go up, then settle back at the desktop. Is that normal?
When you are looking at the temps in the bios there is a load on your CPU, thats why the temps go up. They should be roughly the same as full load when booted up.
I have noticed the same thing when in the bios setup, the bios reads the cpu temp as been between 40-44c.
But, when in Windows, the cpu temp idles between 25-28c.....interesting...i actually thought that the bios was reporting the temp incorrectly, so thanks to you for the info TT120, puts my mind at rest.
PIII 800 @ 900.
What boards are you guys running? My dads pc does the same thing (Abit KT7A w\TB 1200). The temps keep creeping up while looking at them in the bios. But not while in windows.

On my BE6-II my temps are lower by a few C in the bios then they are in windows.
It's not at full load, but, by the same token, it has not loaded the halt-on-idle driver yet. You can see the same thing if you boot to the Dos prompt, or wait at the "enter password" once Windows starts. Where my CPU is at 22C from the Windows desktop with halt-on-idle functioning, in bios, it will rise to 33C and at full load (Prime95) it will run 37C. The bottom line is, there is nothing wrong with this happening on your system. BTW, I have a thermocouple mounted on my HSF to an external meter. That's how I can see the temp in Dos or at the logon dialog box, in case you were wondering.