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Temps Goin Nuts???

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Apr 17, 2001
Ok well sice i put the Delta on the MC462a my cpu temps went down by 8c, now its goin up n down like crazy, sometimes its at 19,24, 28,32c n this is just idle, and then when i play games or benchmark it goes from 26, 32, 37c load.

I'm not sure whats causing it , but i still have an Antec 300w psu (getting a 400w soon), and the Sanyo Denki fan kept falling off the back of the psu, so i duct taped it to the top of the psu, could this be the problem?

But it won't run without the Sanyo Denki fan connector, so what do i do?

And sometimes it locks up , after running it alot.

Any thoughts?
37C load is a VERY safe temp, and the lockups you are having will not be cause by heat is ur load temps are 37C 'ish.
It sounds like you might have a problem with the insocket thermistor. I'd get one of those little digital themometers from crazypc.com that way you know what your temps actually are.

Monitor them in the BIOS as well, and see if they jump around. If they do, then I think this again points to the thermistor.

Air flow from the 462A could also be causing the temp variations.
i dont mean to insult you our anything but did youput the sink on correctly?

Cause you will often see reults like that when a sink isnt on correct
yes, i've taken my system apart a million times and put it back together, but i might of bumped the HSF so i'm gonna reapply some AS2 and check some other things out also.

I mean right now i let it sit idle for 2 hrs and its at 38c :(