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Temps seem off at boot up at a lot of times

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
When my system's been off for a while and I start it up, The sensers say my cpu is @ 67c! I'll shut it down and restart and it'll say 1 or 2c? Sometimes it takes quit a few shutdowns or restarts to get the temp to normal.

I guess what I'm asking is if you believe these are false readings or not? While running @ 1 gig I doubt it would even boot into windows at that high of a temp.

I will when I get one put some sort of temp probe in by the cpu so I can monitor it without the temp sensor itself for a more accurate reading.

It only does this when I have my peltier installed! Never without it. There is no condensation at all so thats not the problem.

I'm thinking maybe the temp just gets so low it throws the board off or something?

Any ideas?
It could be where the peltier is powering up and starting to transfer the heat, after you have booted it a couple of times it would have already reached a stage where it is already cold and hot on either side as apposed to room temperature.

I wouldn't think that it is anything to worry about. Maybe if you can get hold of a different peltier to test to see if it is faulty

But i would imagin it is just where the peltier is kicking in.

Hope this helps.
I was thinking of hooking a 12v light up to the wires on the peltier just to make sure it is powering up all of the time. If it lights up I would know that the tec is getting power.
The whole question of "Is it on or not" and "Is it working or not" has kept me from considering a peltier as a permanent cooling solution. It would seem to me, that if it failed, my CPU would probably self-destruct in a matter of minutes, especially if the PC was unattended.

Having toasted a 1.2 gig Bird testing a single 172 watt pelt rig, this concerned me too. Last night I finished my dual 172 watt pelt Maze 2.2 installation. Before I installed the pelt/block assembly, I hooked up a 12 volt gel cell to each pelt. The cold plate cools off immediately. I have no concern that there is a delay in cooling on start up, especially with 20 volts verses my test with 12 volts. I also have a queen mother PSU with amp and voltmeters so I can see what is going on. Nonetheless, it still takes time to cool the CPU after startup. I notice the same effect with H2O or standard HSFs.